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Basic conversation in Russian

Enjoy Russian Language School

Enjoy Russian school in Petrozavodsk is the place where different cultures meet. It is always surprising to talk to people from Great Britain about habits of Russians. Why? The thing is that Britishmen believe Russians are very polite while people in Russia tend to think it is Englishmen who can be called the most polite nation in the world. Maybe it is because of the fact Russians use a lot of polite words even in daily conversations. What are these words? 

Спасибо (SPASIBA) – Thank you
Пожалуйста (POZHALUSTA) – Welcome / Please
Извините (IZVINITIE) / простите (PROSTITIE) – Excuse me / I’m sorry
Ничего (NICHEVO) – That’s OK (That’s NOTHING)
Будьте добры (BUD’TIE DOBRY) – Would you be so kind
Извините, можно (мне)…? (IZVINITIE, MOZHNA MNIE) – Excuse me, can (I) have…
Извините, вы мне не поможете? (IZVINITIE, VY MNIE NIE POMOZHETIE) – Excuse me, could you help me?
Не могли бы вы мне помочь / показать… / дать… / принести… (NIE MOGLI BY VY MNIE POMOCH / POKAZAT’ / DAT’ / PRINIESTI) – Could you help me / show me… / give me… / bring me…
Дайте, пожалуйста, … (DAITIE POZHALUSTA) – Give me, please
Покажите, пожалуйста, … (POKAZHITIE POZHALUSTA) – Show me, please

To practice more Russian tutors advise to get into outdoor practice and start speaking Russian in everyday life - at cafes, post offices, people at the streets etc. 
To learn more check out this article by Enjoy Russian School 


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