13.02.20 15:00

Al-Farabi International Olympiad

The Al-Faarbi International Olympiad has been launched at Al-Farabi KazNU among students of 11-12 grades  from the CIS countries, near and far abroad and the Republic of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the great scientist.

Registration for the A-Farabi Olympiad and trial testing will begin on January 21, 2020. The Olympiad will be held in three rounds. The first and second rounds will be held on-line on the website www.kaznu.kz by link http://online-test.kaznu.kz. Winners of the third round of the Olympiad will be awarded with diplomas of I, II and III of the MES RK, it gives preferential right for admission to higher education as well as internal grant of Al-FarabiKazNU. For foreign students, it gives the right to enter the University without entrance examinations based on an internal grant.

The Olympiad will be held in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English in 13 General education subjects. For Kazakhstani schoolchildren, the First round will be held on February 17-18, and the second round will be held online on March 4, 2020.   For foreign students, the First round will be held on February 19, 2020.

The SECOND round will be held online on March 4 in all countries at the same time. For Kazakhstan schoolchildren, the THIRD round will be held on April 2-3, 2020 (personal attendance) at Al-Farabi KazNU.  

For foreign students, the THIRD round will be held in the form of an interview on March 27-2020. One can find detailed information on our website in the section "Information for applicants".


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