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28.03.19 14:34

Unified State Examination: From the test quest to the Chinese language

Higher Education DiscoveryОбразование в РоссииAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Education)Международное образование

What to expect from the Unified State Examination (USE) and how it has changed over 10 years

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21.03.19 10:07

Scientists conducted the first comparative study of the quality of higher education in Computer Science between Russia, the United States, India and China

Higher Education DiscoveryAkkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Education)Международное образование

Russian higher education system in the field of Сomputer Science is approximately at the same level as India and China. But all three countries are inferior to the United States.

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15.03.19 7:09

Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia 2019

Образование в России

The First Mission Ranking was compiled according to the results of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia — 2019

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04.03.19 14:14

Why don’t more girls choose to pursue a science career?

Международное образование

The new PISA data raises question why women are under-represented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions.

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01.03.19 7:14

17 Russian HEIs visited Vietnam (Делегация 17 росвузов посетила Вьетнам)

Международное образование

Completion of work within the framework of the 11th stage of the project “Universities of Russia”.

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