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China, Guangdong

Sun Yat-Sen University invites Chair Professors and Visiting Professors as part of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” at home and abroad. Detailed information about the positions, applicants' required qualifications and benefits is available at

Deadline 01.01.2019

Scholarships and grants

China, Guangdong

This offer is only for Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar [Burma], Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, East Timor universities

Sun Yat-Sen University offers scholarships for students from Southeast Asia aged between 18 to 25 who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the subjects offered by the university in 2018. Detailed information about the scholarship is available at

Deadline 30.04.2018

Sun Yat-Sen University

China, Guangdong

Sun Yat-Sen University is a major Chinese public research university founded in 1924. It provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, medical science, pharmacology and managerial science to over 36,000 students.


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