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About HED Magazine for Applicants Wishing to Study in Russia HED_magazine is a multilingual outreach edition for foreign citizens wishing to study in Russia. HED is a magazine about the opportunities to study and live in Russia, universities and their educational programs, professions, and career prospects. For your convenience, HED magazine is available in different languages. The magazine website has a HED map of Russian universities. Studying this map,you will get acquainted with the special characteristics of Russian regions such as their geography, logistics, economy, tourist attractions, and weather conditions. 

The universities that are ready to welcome their applicants are located on the HED map in each region of Russia. For convenient university search, the website has the Russian Universities catalog. If you enter in the catalog filters the parameters you are interested in, for example, the field of study, region, or tuition fee, you can find the university you need. Russian universities have prepared the essential admission information for you. These are the articles about arrival and adaptation, benefits of study and popular programs as well as the interests of applicants wishing to study in Russia. The HED Magazine section contains publications about RFL, Admission,Visa and Migration, Education, and Science. In the HED-people section, you can get acquainted with the outstanding alumni of Russian universities and read about their interesting and eventful lives in Russia. 

The university pages have feedback forms so that you can contact the admission staff and ask them your questions. 

Write and come to study in Russia.Who knows, maybe one day we will have an interview with you, too )

HED editorial staff

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