As usual, the users of our website are cultured people. We would very much appreciate if nothing interfered with the perception of the information posted on the website.
The website is designed to satisfy your professional interests and solve professional problems. You can not only get acquainted with the experience of fellow teachers, scientists, but also publish your works thus participating in competitions and announcing yourself as a scientist and indicating the field of your research to both Russian and foreign community.

A list of actions you can and should do on the website:

  • publish your articles and get certificates of publication free of charge. Subscribe to groups and organizations to stay informed;
  • through personal correspondence organized on the website, meet and communicate with other users of the website;
  • participate in competitions and fairs;
  • place ads;
  • represent the educational organization and advertise it in cooperation with the moderator of the website.

A list of actions you should not do on the website:

  • the theme of the website HED-education. Political discussions should not be initiated or engaged in;
  • do not mislead users of the website by creating virtual users;
  • you should not engage in plagiarism: copy under your name to website HED texts belonging to other people. However, you can copy your own texts if they do not violate the rules of the resource;
  • do not advertise your organization’s services in the TEACER SKILLS BOX. The Organization section and advertising space have been created on the website to attract attention to commercial products. If you intend to advertise something-we will do it professionally.