All articles published by you and other users fall into TEACHER SKILLS BOX section, posted on the website. There is no doubt its content is of great value. It provides pedagogical and scientific experience exchange.

You can publish the material in TEACHER SKILLS BOX section from your Personal account by clicking on «My publications» button. After that a window with the button "Add publication into TEACHER SKILLS BOX" will appear. Start with uploading a photo or picture that will accompany the article. Then by proposed tip select the group and (or) organization in which you want to see your publication. You will be offered a choice of groups and organizations that you have previously subscribed to. For example, if you want to post a publication in the group «Education and pedagogical sciences», you are to be subscribed to it. To subscribe to a group or organization, click «Subscribe» button located on the page with the list of groups or on the page of the selected group. A subscription to the organization is similar. Select the type of your publication, for example, a presentation, then the field of science to which it belongs. Next, enter the title of the uploaded material, its brief description and download the full text. If you wish, you can highlight the names of paragraphs of the main text, indent and much more concerning the design and editing of the publication, using the functionality of the text editor placed on this page. Article editing is possible within 24 hours after downloading.

To make the content more accessible and readable, please follow some recommendations when posting your publications:
  • the content should be related to the subject of the group;
  • only author’s original articles should be posted (in Russian or English);
  • the heading should not contain any irrelevant information;
  • the heading should not be written in capitals;
  • the main text should be divided into paragraphs with subheadings;
  • pictures can be added between paragraphs;
  • long references should not be inserted directly in the text. They should be linked to a word;
  • the list of references is designed in accordance with the accepted standards and is placed at the end of the article;
  • references must be listed in alphabetical order (Russian, other languages);
  • promotional articles should not be published in the groups;
It is worth reminding that, according to the User Agreement that you have accepted, the authors of articles are responsible for the content of the articles and for the mere fact of their publication. The administration of HEDclub does not always share authors’ opinions and is not responsible for the corruption of reported data. The administration of HEDclub is in no way responsible to authors and/or third parties and organizations for the damage (if any) caused by the publication of the article. The administration of HEDclub has the right to withdraw the article that has been already published, if it turns out that somebody’s rights or the generally accepted ethical standards in science were violated during the publication of the article.
All publications posted in the groups will be reviewed by the moderator.
If you follow the recommendations, the chance of their being deleted will be minimized.
The articles in the groups are published free of charge.
The author of the published article obtains a free electronic certificate of publication from mass media.