Voronezh State Institute of Physical Education


higher education

Achievements and academic reputation

Awards and academic recognition signs, successful participation in federal competitions/programs

The VSIPE employees actively participate in various All-Russian and International competitions:
1.    The International Competition of educational projects among the teaching staff of the higher education institution and Secondary schools (as part of the Inter-clover competition), held 30 March 2019, 25 April 2019
2.    The II International Competition of Students and Teaching staff of Professional Educational Institutions PROFESSIONAL STARS - 2018/2019
3.    The International competition "Health. Sport" held 01 June 2019
4.    The XII International Pedagogical Contest "Secrets of Professionalism" 02 June 2019
5.    The XIV All-Russian pedagogical competition "Professional Competence" 01 January - 30 June 2019
6.    The International pedagogical competition "Best research project" 15 June 2019
7.    The International pedagogical competition "Secrets of pedagogical skills" 18 June 2019
8.    The International pedagogical competition "Best educational and methodical development" 19 June 2019
9.    The VIII All-Russian pedagogical competition "FSESEDucation" 01 February 2019
10.    The International competition of pedagogical skills "Education: from theory to practice" 29 March 2019
11.    The All-Russian pedagogical competition "Development of knowledge in science and practice" 30 April 2019
12.     The VIII All-Russian pedagogical contest "High Result" 01 June 2019
13.    The All-Russian pedagogical contest “Kaleidoscope of means, methods and forms” 31 May 2019
14.    The All-Russian testing “The Rainbow of Talents” February 2019
15.    The All-Russian testing "TotalTest" February 2019
16.    The All-Russian testing "PedExpert" February 2019
17.    The XII All-Russian pedagogical contest "Secrets of pedagogical skill" 04 December 2018
18.    The All-Russian competition "The Introduction of Modern Innovative Technologies in the Educational Process" 10 October 2018.
19.    The All-Russian contest "Education System in the Russian Federation" 30 October 2018
20.    The All-Russian contest "Key Concepts and Theoretical Foundations of Pedagogy in the System of Humanities and Sciences" 07 September 2018
21.    The XIII All-Russian pedagogical competition "Qualification Tests"
22.    The International competition "Policy of the Russian Federation and legal regulation of relations in the field of the higher education" 08 September 2018
23.    The International pedagogical competition "Successful Practices in the Education" 21 September 2018 

Current positions in rankings

VSIPE holds the third place among the higher education institutions under the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation

Membership in Russian and international associations

The member in the International Association of Physical Education and Sport Universities

International activity 

Priority areas of international activity

Educational, research and sports activity

Participation in international educational and research programs and projects 

Moscow International Education Fair, Moscow, 2019

Foreign partner universities for the implementation of joint projects and programs

The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov
The Republic of Belarus, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
The UK, Cambridge Regional College
The Federal Republic of Germany, Research Institute for Antioxidant Therapy
The Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism
The Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after B.N. Yeltsin

What countries do foreign students come from? 

Total number of foreign students – 155

Countries: the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Tunisia, the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Federal Republic of Germany, the State of Israel, the Ukraine, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan

The list of educational programs that enroll foreign students* 

Secondary Education:

49.02.01. Physical Education
49.02.02. Аdaptive Physical Education

Bachelor's programs:

49.03.01. Physical Education
49.03.02. Physical Education for Persons with Health Deviations (Adapted Physical Education)

Master's programs:

49.04.01. Physical Education
49.04.02. Physical Education for Persons with Health Deviations (Adapted Physical Education)
49.04.03. Sports
The list of supplementary education programs that enroll foreign students **

Supplementary education program, preparing foreign applicants and stateless persons for  mastery of the Russian-taught full-degree programs

Supplementary education program, preparing foreign applicants and stateless persons for  mastery of the Russian-taught full-degree programs of life sciences
Enrollment and training conditions for foreign citizens

For information please visit the institute website.

Schedule of cultural and recreational activities (festivals, excursions, etc.)

Excursions to museums, reserves, higher educational institutions of Voronezh for foreign students are organized. Students are actively involved in festivals and competitions of various levels.

Accommodation for foreign students 

Foreign citizens live in the dormitory of VSIPE, which is located in the city center, near educational and sports complexes.
The dormitory has double and triple rooms.
Living conditions are good. Comply with sanitary standards.
The cost of living in a hostel for foreign citizens is 1,000 rubles per month.

Information on the International Department

The Faculty of Supplementary Professional Education
Passport and visa service specialist - 2 persons
(Issuance of invitations, registration of foreign nationals, visa renewal)

Deputy Dean for Foreign Affairs 
(organization of training and educational activities)

Senior Methodologist
(processing of reporting documents, issuance of certificates)

Does the International Department have an opportunity to interact with the target audience via HEI’s official website? 
(webpage etc.)


Contact details of the staff that provides consulting services to foreign citizens (full name, phone number, email)

Popova Irina (Yevgenyevna)

The number of HEI's International service employees who obtained the certificate Ready for cooperation. Level international

Location of the organization:

394036, г. Воронеж, ул. Карла Маркса, д. 59