Akkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Education)


The information and analytical journal Akkreditatsiya v obrazovanii (Accreditation in Education) is an acknowledged leader among federal specialized mass media covering the current issues in education quality . It has been published since 2005. It is distributed by subscription and VIP-distribution in all regions of Russia as well as in the former Soviet republics and other foreign countries.
The journal is intended to ensure that information on the educational activity quality is transparent and accessible, informs the professional expert and academic communities, heads of educational organizations, education authorities of different levels:
- on the areas of state education policy and its regulatory support. In particular, it regularly publishes articles on various events (forums, meetings, conferences, etc.) held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and other federal executive bodies; extensive reports on meetings, round tables and parliamentary hearings of the Federal Assembly, the State Duma Committee on Education and Science; materials on the activities of regional education authorities.
- on opinions, analysis and evaluations of a wide range of important issues made by the expert community in the field of education. It publishes opinion pieces, comments, interviews of heads, teachers, scientists, representatives of professional and non-governmental organizations – employers' associations and federations, regional councils of heads of education institutions, academic methodological associations, research and educational organizations;
- on state, social and professional-social evaluation of the educational activity quality in Russia, as well as on international experience in the field of quality assurance. The topics for publications include a compehensive range of issues, from development and application of substantiated criterial values of the indicators used in various evaluation techniques to up-to-date coverage of important international events in the field of cooperation between national and international education quality assurance networks (ENQA, CEENQA, APQN, ENQAHEE, the Unified System of Education Quality System).
- on the best practices and promising learning models – both Russian and foreign – in the field of professional, higher and supplementary education. According to our subscribers, over the years of its existence the journal has become a popular information platform for discussions, thanks to an open dialog with the representatives of the professional community including the international one, and the heads of education authorities of all levels.


Location of the organization:

424003, Республика Марий Эл, г. Йошкар-Ола, Ленинский проспект, д. 68