Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law (KSUEL)


higher education

Achievements and academic reputation

Awards and academic recognition signs, successful participation in federal competitions/programs:

KSUEL is a winner of All-Russian Contest of Youth Projects among educational institutions of higher education. In 2018 the granted projects were implemented. These projects are: Far Eastern Student Forum «Amur Campus. Professions of the Future» and II Forum of Young Leaders of the SCO. KSUEL students are also the winners of FEFD peripheral round of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Jurisprudence 2017, the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Insurance; the regional stage of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Customs, the XVIII Far Eastern Regional Olympiad in German Language among students of educational institutions of higher education. Postgraduate students of KSUEL were awarded with Governor's prize according to the results of the XX Contest of Young Scientists and Postgraduates of Khabarovsk Krai. KSUEL students are also the holders of scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation and N. N. Muravyov-Amursky.

Current positions in rankings:

KSUEL was included in the national rating of universities made by the News Agency «Interfax». It is on the 1st place on the quality of education among the universities of Khabarovsk and on the 4th place in the Far Eastern Federal District. The «Education» section included the range of educational programs, quality of applicants, scientific and methodological work, cost of educational services in 2017, practice arrangement and work with schools and high schoolers. According to the results of the national ranking submitted by International News Agency «Russia today», KSUEL took 16th place. The assessment of universities was carried out according to the employers’ demand for trained specialists, commercialization of intellectual product created by the university and as R&D product. Web-portal «Superjob for Students» presented the rating of Russian universities on the level of salaries of young professionals engaged in the field of law in 2017. KSUEL took the 6th place. The average salaries of young specialists graduated from KSUEL were the highest among the graduates in 2011-2016, making a serious competition to the universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The average salary of a young specialist that graduated from KSUEL is 67 000 RUB.

Study programs

    Bachelor’s programs:

  •     Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
  •     Accounting, Analysis and Auditing of Foreign Economic Activity
  •     Finance and Credit 
  •     World Economy
  •     Economic and Management In Trade Companies 
  •     Goods Management and Goods Expertise in Domestic and Foreign Trade
  •     Commerce
  •     International Commerce 
  •     Technology and Organization of Public Catering
  •     Business Management
  •     International Management 
  •     Management in Tourism and Hotel Industry
  •     State and Municipal Management
  •     Logistics
  •     Marketing
  •     Human Resource Management
  •     Corporate Information Systems
  •     Advertising and Public Relations
  •     Jurisprudence

    Specialist’s programs:

  •     Customs

    Master’s Degree Programs:

  •     Finance
  •     Banks and Banking Activity
  •     International Economics
  •     Analytical Economics and Modern Entrepreneurship
  •     Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
  •     Strategies and Innovations in Trading
  •     Applied Informatics in Economics
  •     Logistics
  •     Marketing
  •     Double Degree Program Risk-Management And Insurance
  •     Finance, Banking and Insurance 
  •     Financial Economics 
  •     State and Municipal Management
  •     Human Resource Management
  •     Legal Coverage for State and Municipal Service
  •     Theoretical and Practical Issues of Criminal Legislation
  •     Civil Law

Pre-university study. Russian as a foreign language:
•    Russian (General)
•    Business Russian (Professional profile)
Levels of the Russian language proficiency: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.
Course duration: 1 semester (400 academic hours) or 2 semesters (800 academic hours).

International activity

Priority areas of international activity:

Special attention is paid to the interaction with foreign partner universities. KSUEL cooperates with universities in China, Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, France, Slova-kia, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Sweden, UK, Austria and New Zealand.
Cooperation with partner universities is implemented on the basis of agreements on cooperation. In the framework of these agreements the exchange of students, postgraduate students and lecturers as well as the implementation of joint educational programs and research projects, including double-degree programs for bachelors and masters are carried out.
KSUEL students undergo work experience internship at foreign enterprises and improve their foreign language skills in summer language schools abroad.

Participation in the international programs and projects (educational, scientific):

• TEMPUS-M-JEP 10723-1999 “Academic Mobility” (coordinated by University of Bedfordshire (former name: University of Luton, Great Britain))
• TEMPUS-CD-JEP-23209-2002 “Curriculum Development for Master Study in Russian Universities” (coordinated by Abo Akademi University (Finland))
•  TEMPUS-IB-JEP-27107-2006 “Special Training for New Market-Oriented Institutions” (coordinated by University of Genova (Italy))
• TEMPUS-ETF-JP-00276-2008 “Création de 4 dispositifs fédérateurs Ecole Hôtelière Supérieure d’ Application” (coordinated by Grenoble Academy (France))
•  TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RU-TEMPUS-JPCR “Licence-Master professionnels en psychologie sociale pour intervenir auprès des publics migrants en Russie, Ukraine et au Kazakhstan (coordinated by Grenoble Academy (France))
• TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RU-TEMPUS-JPCD “Strengthening Higher Education in the Sphere of Finance in Siberia and Far East of Russia” (coordinated by Tomsk State University (Russia))
•  ERASMUS+ KA1 “Mobility for learners and staff - Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility” (coordinated by Technical University of Košice (Slovakia))
•  ERASMUS+ KA1 “Mobility for learners and staff - Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility” (coordinated by University of Coimbra (Portugal))

Foreign partner universities:

Agreements on academic cooperation have been signed with 61 partner universities and educational institutions whereof  dynamic collaboration on different programs is conducted with the following HEIs:

 Double Degree Programs:

  • Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea, Bachelor's program in International Management
  • SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, Republic of Korea, Master's and Bachelor's programs in Accounting, Analysis, Auditing
  • Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, Master's program in Finance, Banking, Insurance
  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, Bachelor's Double Degree Program in International Economy and Management
  • University of Coimbra, Portugal, Master's program in Financial Economics

Joint program «3+1+2»:

  • Changchun Institute of International Commerce, PRC, «Business», Master's and Bachelor's programs

Programs of inclusive study (credit transfer study period recognition program) (1-2 semesters):

  •     Kangwon National University (Republic of Korea)
  •     SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University (Republic of Korea)
  •     Mie University (Japan)
  •     FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
  •     Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Student exchange language programs (1-2 semesters) with:

  • Konkuk University (Republic of Korea)
  • Kookmin University (Republic of Korea)
  • Niigata Management University (Japan)
  • Shenyang University (PRC)
  • Harbin University of Commerce (PRC)
  • East University of Heilongjiang  (PRC)
  • Mudanjiang Normal University (PRC)
  • Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages (PRC)
  • Jilin Institute of Russian Language (PRC)

HEI enrolls foreign students from the following countries:

In 2018-2019 academic year different educational programs involved 159 international students from: China, Republic of Korea, Kyrgyz Republic, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.

Foreign staff members:

• Okouchi Mitona, Japanese language teachers, Japan
• Wang Jinmin, Chinese language teachers, China, volunteer from Confucius University
• David Allan Workman, English language teachers, USA

Educational programs partly or fully taught in foreign languages: 

Double Degree Programs:

• SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, Republic of Korea, Master's and Bachelor's programs in Accounting, Analysis, Auditing
• Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, Master's program in Finance, Banking, Insurance
• University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, Bachelor's Double Degree Program in International Economy and Management
• University of Coimbra, Portugal,  Master's program in Financial Economics

Enrollment and training conditions for foreign citizens

Admission regulations of foreign citizens and the list of required documents:

Document submission deadline:
June 20 – August 25 (Bachelor, Specialist)
June 1 – September 15 (Master)
Study period:
-          4 years (Bachelor)
-          2 years (Master)

1.    Application form;
2.    Original educational document (diploma/certificate) and supplement to it;
3.    Translation (into Russian) of the educational document (diploma/certificate) and supplement to it notarized by the Russian notaries or Consulate ;
4.    Passport copy (page with photo);
5.    Medical certificate verified by official body of State Health Service;
6.    Scanned copy of RF visa, if foreign citizen arrived with an entry visa;
7.    4 photos (3х4sm) on the white background.

Pre-university (Preparatory Department) for foreigners

Pre-University Training (For Foreigners)


♦ Russian (General)
♦ Professional Russian («Economics», «Business», «Management», «Trade»)

♦ For Beginners          
♦ Intermediate    
♦ Advanced  

Course duration: 1-2 semester, 20 hours per week (Monday - Friday),                               
                              1st semester – September, 1 – January, 31, 2nd semester – February, 1 – June, 30
Vacation: December, 25 – January, 10
Orientation week: University and campus tour, city tour, visit to museums and theaters, city sightseeing
University certificate is given upon course completion


♦ Free textbooks, audio and video records
♦ Accommodation in the dormitory with Russian students
♦ Possibility to take Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) at the university on different levels: Elementary (A1), Basic (A2), І Certificate (B1), ІІ Certificate (B2).
І Certificate level gives the opportunity to apply for Bachelor degree programs.
ІІ Certificate level gives the opportunity to apply for Master degree programs.
State certificate is provided.


Tuition fee: 95 000 RUB per year
Accommodation cost: 735 RUB per month 
Documents for submission:
On the commercial basis or exchange program at Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law (KSUEL).
In order to make Russian visa, please send the e-copies of following documents to KSUEL international relations office
1. Scanned copy of passport (page with photo);
2. Scanned copy of previous Russian visa (if any);
3. Application form (/upload/medialibrary/d61/Application Form (KSUEL) 2019.doc ).
Documents for submission (upon arrival to KSUEL):
1. Copy of Russian visa;
2. 4 photos (3х4, white background);
3. Medical certificate, issued by the official public health authority of sending country;
4. Certificate of enrollment;
5. Medical insurance (is made in Russia, cost is varied in accordance with the dollar rate).
Transfer from/to airport, railway station, river-boat station is arranged by KSUEL (when arrival information is presented via email: ).

  E-mail:               Tel./Fax: 8 (4212) 76-54-49 
  Address: Russia, 680042, Khabarovsk, 134, Tikhookeanskaya Str., International Relations Office, (office 324), 
  Contact person: Malovichko Tatyana

Accommodation for foreign students:
All enrolled international students including pre-university (preparatory) department enjoy shared room accommodation at the University dormitory.

Scholarship programs, social adaptation support to foreign students:

The University does not offer scholarships to international students. The program of social adaptation and ongoing support for international students is provided on regular basis by the International Relations Department.

Consultation services

International relations office:134, Tikhookeanskaya Str., office 324 , Tel/Fax: (4212) 76-54-49, e-mail:
Head of the Department: Tatyana Malovichko
134, Tikhookeanskaya Street, Khabarovsk, 680042, Russia
Tel.: +7 (4212) 22-48-79, fax +7 (4212) 76-54-55

Admissions office: office 223, Tel.: +7 (4212) 70-52-13, +7 (4212) 76-54-23
International relations office: office  324, Tel.: +7 (4212) 76-54-49


The number of HEI's International service employees who obtained the certificate Ready for cooperation. Level international

Location of the organization:

680042, Хабаровский край, г. Хабаровск, ул. Тихоокеанская, д. 134