Pyatigorsk State University


Achievements and academic reputation

Awards and academic recognition signs, successful participation in federal competitions/programs:

•    Silver Lermontov Medal for introduction of updated teaching technologies (2009);
•    Gold Medal and Diploma in nomination “100 best institutions of Russia in Science and Education” (2010);
•    Honorary Certificate of The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (2014);
•    Warranty of Certification by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (2014);
•    Honorary Thankful Letter from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in appreciation of prominent contribution in development of education and highly qualified specialists training (2015);
•    Certificate of Quality Austria Agency in acknowledgement of effectiveness of the University management of education quality (2008);
•    Member of the Federal Program “Education in Russian” on espousal and advancement of Russian language abroad (since 2014).

Membership in Russian and international associations:

•    International Association of Universities (IAU);
•    International Association of universities in hospitality and tourism EURHODIP;
•    International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA);
•    International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature.

Study programs

Bachelor’s programs
37.03.01 – Psychology
37.03.02 - Conflictology
38.03.02 - Management
38.03.04 – Government and Public Administration
38.03.05 – Business Informatics
39.03.02 – Social Work
39.03.03 – Organization of Youth Outreach
41.03.03 – Oriental Studies, African Studies
44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
46.03.01 – History
48.03.01 – Theology
Master’s programs
37.04.01 – Psychology
38.04.04 – Government and Public Administration
38.04.05 - Business Informatics
39.04.02 – Social Work
46.04.01 – History
47.04.01 – Philosophy 
48.04.01 - Theology

Bachelor’s programs
07.03.01 – Architecture
44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
54.03.01 – Design
54.03.02 Decorative and Applied Arts and Folk Crafts

Bachelor’s programs
43.03.01 – Service
43.03.02 – Tourism 
43.03.03 – Hospitality 
44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
45.03.02 – Linguistics
45.03.04 – Intellectual Systems in Humanitarian Field
Master’s programs
44.04.01 – Pedagogic education
45.04.02 – Linguistics
43.04.02 – Tourism
43.04.03 – Hospitality

Bachelor’s programs
38.03.01 - Economy
41.03.04. – Politology
41.03.05 – International Relations
42.03.01 – Advertisement and Public Relations
42.03.02 – Journalism
42.03.05 – Mediacommunications
Master’s programs
38.04.01 – Economy
41.04.05 – International Relations
42.04.01 – Advertisement and Public Relations
42.04.02 – Journalism

Bachelor’s programs
44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
45.03.02 – Linguistics
Master’s programs
44.04.01 – Pedagogic Education
45.04.02 – Linguistics

Bachelor’s program
09.03.03 – Applied Informatics
10.03.01 – Information Safety
13.03.02 – Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
27.03.05 – Innovation Studies
44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
45.03.02 – Linguistics
49.03.03 – Recreation and Sport and Healthy-Improving Tourism
51.03.03 – Social and Cultural Activity
Master’s program
09.04.03 – Applied Informatics
10.04.01 – Information Safety
27.04.05 – Innovation Studies
44.04.01 – Pedagogic Education
45.04.02 – Linguistics
49.04.03 – Sport
51.04.03 – Social and Cultural Activity

Bachelor’s programs
40.03.01 – Legal Studies
Master’s programs
40.04.01 – Legal Studies

International activity

Priority areas of international activity: 

•    Internationalization of future specialists training through academic collaboration with foreign partner institutions, including staff and student mobility programs, grants and scholarship programs, inclusive (semester abroad) and Double Degree programs, involvement of foreign teaching staff and visiting professors.
•    Admission and teaching international students in higher education and inclusive programs, professional internships, short- and long-term courses of Russian language and at the pre-university (preparatory) department.
•    Conjoint with international colleagues educational and research projects, conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, reciprocal publications of research results of mutual interest.
•    Advancement and popularization of Russian language and culture in international educational resources through joint establishment of the Centers of Russian Language and Culture in foreign partner schools, assignment of University experts in Russian as Foreign Language as well as student volunteers for teaching Russian abroad. 
Participation in the international programs and projects (educational, scientific):
•    Erasmus+ K107 EU Program on Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility;
•    MEVLANA Program on Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Turkey;
•    “Horizon 2020” The Eighth EU Framework Program for Research and Technologies Development.

Foreign partner universities:

Agreements on academic cooperation have been signed with 51 partner universities and educational institutions whereof  dynamic collaboration is conducted with:
•    Institute of Applied Sciences, St.Pölten, Austria
•    University of Liege, Liege, Belgium 
•    University of Mons, Mons, Belgium
•    Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt
•    Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 
•    Kadiz University, Kadiz, Spain
•    University of Campania “Vanvitelli”, Kazerta, Italy
•    University for foreigners, Siena, Italy
•    Changchun Normal University, Changchun, China
•    Liaonin Technological University, Liaonin, China 
•    University of Warmia-Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland
•    Hastings College, Hastings, NE, USA
•    Anadolu University, Eskirsheher, Turkey
•    Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey
•    University of Limoge, Limoge, France
•    University Charles de Gaulle, Lille 3. Lille, France
•    Language School IOR, Freiburg, Germany
•    Language School Verbun Novum, Meinz, Germany
•    University Juray Dobrila, Pula, Croatia

HEI enrolls foreign students from the following countries:

In 2018-2019 academic year different educational programs involved 159 international students from:
Azerbaijan, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Latvia, Mali, Syria, USA,  Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Estonia, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea. 

Foreign staff members:
•    Dr. Marlis Wenzel, DAAD, Director DAAD RepOffice, Lector in German Philology;
•    Galan Sousa Nuria, Spanish Agency on International Cooperation, tutor of Spanish language;
•    Eduardo de Oliveira, Kadiz University (Spain), tutor of Spanish language;
•    Justina Anna Pilak, Ministry of Education (Poland), tutor of Polish language;
•    Margo Rochefor, University of Brussels (Belgium), trainee tutor of French language;
•    Jacline Godelein, University Lille 3 (France), trainee tutor of French language;
•    Penelopa Clair Womsli, Oxford University (Great Britain), trainee tutor of English language;
•    Claudia Castaneda, “Fundacion Camilias” Foundation (Spain), trainee tutor of Spanish language;
•    Christof Toma Duchosuas, University Lille 3 (France), tutor of French language;
•    Djibril Taiar, Universite de Caen (France), trainee tutor of French language.

Educational programs partly or fully taught in foreign languages: 

Educational programs taught partially in foreign languages (incl. e-learning):
•    41.03.03 – Oriental Studies (Chinese language);
•    45.03.02 – Linguistics / cross-cultural communication (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic); 
•    45.03.02 – Linguistics / Translatology and Multilanguage Studies (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic).
Besides, all professional programs/majors are provided obligatory  in combination with 1 or 2 professionally applied foreign languages. 

International alumni associations:
Association of PSU International Graduates – Ms. Arevik Gevorgyan,  e-mail:

Enrollment and training conditions for foreign citizens

Admission regulations of foreign citizens and the list of required documents:
•    Application and enrollment
Degree-seeking international applicants who have Russian language skills of at least B1 level are welcome to apply for any major\profession offered by Pyatigorsk State University for intramural and distant education both on tuition paid or tuition-free basis. The distant studies also provide international students with an opportunity to earn the second higher education Degree along with Degree earned at home university. 
Preparatory Department. As Russian is the main language of teaching at PSU the non-Russian speaking students should initially apply for Preparatory Department to take one-year Russian language studies and to be thereafter enrolled for the selected major / profession. The preparatory studies are provided from October 1 thru June 15 next year with formal Certificate awarded.
No entrance exams are envisaged for applicants for Preparatory Department and their further enrollment for major\profession. 
Application deadline – June 15
Application and documents to be sent to
Applicants for variable Russian Language courses available year-round from September thru June should submit their online filled-in Application Form and send a scanned copy of passport by e-mail about 45 days prior to the wished course start date. They can join courses of any duration and intensity at any time under individual Study Contract and corresponding payment effected. A formal invitation to obtain a Russian visa will be provided after contracted payment has been affected. 
Applications to be sent to
The applicants from Schengen area countries can receive visa invitation within 5 working days but for only up to 90 days of studies.  
For academic mobility exchange students the home university should send to PSU the list of nominated students with personal details and disciplines to study:
    - for Fall semester not later than May 15 and their scanned mandatory documents by May 30; 
    - for Spring semester not later than October 15 and their scanned mandatory documents by October 30.
Acceptance letters are released within 7 days after receiving the application and mandatory documents and formal invitation put under processing.
Documents required and to be sent at
filled-in online Application form;
a scan of the passport (page with personal data and photo);
draft Learning Agreement with requested disciplines indicated.
Pyatigorsk State University takes an obligation to provide international students and academic mobility participants with invitation processed thru Migration Service to obtain Russian entry student visa. 
To start the process international applicants must fill in the Application online form and send it to the Department of International Students It should be done well in advance as it takes about 30 days to process, issue and send visa invitation. One page of invitation will be sent by Migration Service directly to Russian Consulate you indicated in Application online form, we will send the second page to an applicant by e-mail to present at the Consulate. 
Visa issued by the Russian Consulate grants single entry to the Russian Federation within 90 days from the date of issue. Upon your arrival at PSU, it will be reissued by our University on site into a multi-entry visa for the period of studies. 

All incoming international students are supposed to carry internationally valid health insurance.
The International Students Department will also assist to get local student health insurance for the period of stay that ensures free medical assistance provided at Pyatigorsk city medical facilities and clinics except for chronic diseases and dentistry.  

Pyatigorsk State University provides international students with comfortable shared accommodation at an on-campus safeguarded dorm in walking distance from the main PSU building. The lodging units with shower cabin and bathroom consist of 2-bed rooms. The galley kitchens equipped with stove, frig, microwaves, kitchenware, and utensils provide opportunities for self-cooking. Self-operated laundry facility is also available at the dormitory. 
The request for dorm accommodation should be mentioned at the time of application.
Please, address all inquiries and applications to:
Dpt. of International Students
Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22
Fax: +7 8793 40 05 27
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova  

Educational infrastructure and activities (Preparatory department for foreign students, summer/winter schools, language courses, buddy program):

•    Pre-university (Preparatory Department) for foreigners
•    Preparatory Department provides a one academic year (October-May) the Pre-University Program for non-Russian speakers of total 20 in-class hours as a combination of intensive studies in all aspects of Russian language (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar) as well as some components of Russian History and Social Science with the priority given to Russian language.
•    The program is designed and offered to foreign students who want to get ready to enroll to the higher education programs at Pyatigorsk State University or at any other university of the Russian Federation, and formal Certificate of graduation from Preparatory Department gives such an opportunity. The Preparatory Department welcomes not only degree-seeking applicants aimed at further professional higher education in Russian institutions but also foreign nationals interested to improve and polish their Russian skills to a higher level and obtain State Certificate of Russian as Foreign Language (TORFL) that may become essential for their professional career.
•    The students of the Preparatory Department enjoy all rights of other students and have free access to the library, computer labs, sports facilities, social and cultural events. The fully equipped accommodation is offered at on-campus dormitories in walking distance from the main building of the University.
•    The cost of one year program at the Preparatory Department has been totaled to 125600 Rubles (USD 2,020).
•    Russian Language courses   
•    The Center of International Education provides Russian courses at elementary, basic, and advanced levels for international students and trainees currently from 35 countries. Groups are compiled based on students’ Russian language proficiency level and sized 8 students on average.
We offer:
short-term and long-term group programs of one month up to one-year duration;
individual classes with a tailor-cut program based on your personal needs and shaped to mostly match them;
intensive Russian course of 2 weeks (42 academic hours) developed as an individual program in accordance with your Russian language proficiency level and based on preliminary test results;
preparatory courses for foreign citizens to undergo the national Test of Russian Language (TORFL) with formal National Certificate of language proficiency granted
The extra Russian Literature and History courses are available upon request.
The highly qualified tutors experted in teaching Russian as Foreign Language are employed at our Center of International Education, and individual approach is guaranteed for all our students. 
All teaching materials and books, as well as the corresponding Certificate upon completion of studies, are provided. 
The cost of one year standard Russian Language course of 12 hours/week intensity for academic year 2019/2020 has been totaled to 92000 Rubles (USD 1,465). The higher intensity can be offered upon request.  
•    Summer Russian language School   
•    Summer Russian Language School welcomes international students and interested foreign citizens on July 1-30 to take the intensive course of Russian language in a combination of its different aspects.
LOCATION. The program is offered in Pyatigorsk - one of the best places to study Russian due to its rich historical heritage, friendly community, and the unique Mineral Spa resort environment. The atmosphere of the city is enlightened by the names of famous Russian poets and writers Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov who lived and created their Caucasus poems here. The city is only 80 km from the Great Caucasus Range of mountains that offers breath-taking excursions. 
TUITION includes 2 to 4 weeks classes of 20 hours/ week intensity in small groups of students with a combination of  Speaking, Grammar, and Reading. One class makes up 2 academic hours (90 minutes) or total 10 classes/ week Monday thru Friday. Formal Certificate of Russian skills level provided. 
LODGING is offered in shared rooms with all conveniences at the on-campus dorm in walking distance from the University, bed linen and kitchenware included. 
The variety of meals is available either in the University cafeteria or at McDonald’s and Pizzerias across the street while equipped dorm kitchen allow self-cooking.
TRAVEL. The domestic airport Mineralniye Vody located 18 km from Pyatigorsk offers several daily 2 hours round-trip flights from all Moscow airports thus giving an opportunity to easily reach Pyatigorsk by air.
COSTS include processing and issue of formal invitation to obtain a Russian student visa, round-trip airport pickups, registration, orientation, placement testing, tuition, and educational materials, Certificate of Russian skills level and shared lodging in the dorm. 
Application deadline – annually May 20.

Accommodation for foreign students:

All enrolled international students including pre-university (preparatory) department enjoy shared room accommodation at the University dormitory

Scholarship programs, social adaptation support to foreign students:

The University does not offer scholarships to international students. Meanwhile the program of social adaptation and ongoing support for international students is provided on regular basis by the International students Office.

Employment opportunities for foreign students during study and after graduation:
The University does not provide services in employment of international students other than native speaker – trainee instructor of foreign language.

Does the International Department have an opportunity to interact with the target audience via HEI’s official website?

The interactive contacts with international applicants provided round –the– clock via special internet account

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Location of the organization:

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