Private Higher Educational Institution “Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov (IEML)”


higher education

Achievements and academic reputation

Awards and academic recognition signs, successful participation in federal competitions/programs:

Among multiple award that the University has, it has the Diploma of the Competition on receiving awards from the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan for quality in a category of enterprises and organizations implementing activities in the service field.

Current positions in rankings:

Kazan Innovative University is the only University in the Volga region that was included in TOP-10 of the most top requested universities of Russia in the field of management (economics, finances, law). The University is included in the list of the Best 100 universities of Russia and is rewarded by the golden medal “European Quality”. Kazan Innovative University is the only university of the Republic of Tatarstan that is included in a non-commercial ranking of academic programs showing the results of a global research of quality of education in Russia that was made by Accreditation Council of All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Middle Entrepreneurship “OPORA (Support) of Russia and by Professional Accreditation Agency in 2014-2016. Its results were based on the evaluation of quality of education made by employers experts. The University occupies the 7th place in National Ranking of Volga Region universities, 7724 place in Ranking of World Universities (from 11999 universities), 1666 place in BRICS countries (from 7172 universities), 1536 place in Europe (from 6050 universities) and 261 place (from 1416 universities) in Russia. In 2019 KIU occupied the 4th place in National Ranking of private universities in Russia.

Membership in Russian and international associations:

Kazan Innovative University is the full member of International Association for Hospitality and Tourism “EURHODIP”, the member of Association of Universities of Law in the Russian Federation.

Study programs

College: Law and Organization of Social Service, Economics and Accounting, Business Operations in Logistics, Hotel Management, Tourism, Commerce, Pre-school Education, Design, Applied Informatics, Technical Maintenance and Auto Service, Food Service Technology, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
Bachelor's programs: Economics, Management, State and Municipal Management, Quality Management, Technosphere Safety, Applied Informatics, Business-Informatics, Law, Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Psychological and Pedagogical Education, Special (defectological) Education, Tourism, Service, Linguistics, Design, Food Service Management
Master's programs: Economics, Management, Quality Management, Law, Psychology, Pedagogical Education, Psychological and Pedagogical Education, Food Service Management
PhD programs: Psychological Studies; Economics; Law; Education and Pedagogic Studies; Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies

International activity

Priority areas of international activity

International students recruitment, academic exchange programs, promotion of summer schools for international students

Participation in the international programs and projects (educational, scientific):
Erasmus+, Foundation “Eurasia”, project «Island»

Foreign partner universities:

Broward College (USA), San Diego Miramar College (USA), Key West University (USA), European Institute of Design  (Italy), Academy of Tourism “DIMITRA” (Greece), Trier University (Germany), Hochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany), Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen (DMAN) (Germany), Hunan Pedagogical University (China), The University of Hong Kong (China), Hebei Normal University (China), Tianjin Pedagogical University (China), Liaoning Petroleum (Shihua) University (China), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), Emerald Cultural Institute Dublin (Ireland), Taraz State University (Kazakhstan), University of International Business (Kazakhstan), University of Applied Science XAMK (Finland), PATHE Academy (Sri Lanka), Academy of Tourism and Hotel Business in Gdansk (Poland), St Lawrence University (Uganda), Comenius University (Slovakia), Folkuniversitetet (Sweden),  High School of Economics (Czech Republic), Juraj Dobrilla University of Pula (Croatia), University of Malta (Malta)

HEI enrolls foreign students from the following countries:

Colombia – 40, Brazil – 1, Ghana – 2, Sri Lanka – 40, Chile - 1

Foreign staff members:
Franco Grossi (University of Trieste, design), Ali Rashidi (Folkuniversitetet, intercultural communication, project management), Frank Altemoeller (Harz University of Applied Science, economics)

Joint educational programs (if any):

Dual Degree Program: Economics, Management, IT, Tourism, Logistics 

Enrollment and training conditions for foreign citizens

Admission regulations of foreign citizens and the list of required documents:

Application & Admission procedure:
To enter KIU is easy. Do few several steps and become a student of one of the Russian prestigious universities!

Entering a Russian language course:
application form;
scan of passport;
payment certificate (30% from the whole price).
Send your documents to  wait the University submitting and a visa invitation.

Entering Russian universities:
certified translation of the passport in the Russian Language (at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country);
legalized documents of your previous education (documents should be legalized in the Embassy of the Russian Federation/Ministry of International Affairs in your country – the procedure is called “Embassy legalization”/ “Apostile”);
certified translation of legalized/apostiled documents of school/previous education in the Russian Language (in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country);
signed agreement;
payment certificate;
medical certificate, confirming a student hasn’t death diseases and infections;
certified translation of the medical certificate, confirming a student hasn’t death diseases and infections (in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country).
Those who successfully passed exams in the Russian language and other subjects (selection of subjects depends on what you are going to study on a degree program.  Find out what subjects you need to pass in advance, better one year before in order to pass them successfully).

Educational infrastructure and activities (Preparatory department for foreign students, summer/winter schools, language courses, buddy program):

Foundation Preparatory Program on Russian Language as Foreign Learning, summer/winter language and interdisciplinary schools

Accommodation for foreign students:
Two comfortable dormitories with all conveniences in the room (2-4 students in a room)

Scholarship programs, social adaptation support to foreign students:

Program “Tutor” where Russian students help international students in adaptation in a new language, social and cultural environment; psychological center “Eventus” organizes consultations between students and psychologists.

Employment opportunities for foreign students during studies and after graduation:

Center of Job Placement is based in KIU

International office:

Employees and their functions:

Two people (admission of international students, smm of social networks in foreign languages, implementing of academic exchange with partner universities, working out of 
mutual academic programs)

Does the International Office have an opportunity to interact with the target audience via HEI’s official website?


Consultation services

+7(843)231-92-90 (ext.1378),
Vracheva Ekaterina


Location of the organization:

420111, Республика Татарстан, г. Казань, ул. Московская, д. 42