Tyumen State Medical University


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Achievements and academic reputation

Awards and academic recognition signs, successful participation in federal competitions/programs

Participation in Tempus project (2012-2016), followed by launching the Master's program in Public Health and Healthcare

Current positions in rankings

Top 100 Russian Universities (PAEX Agency)
Top 10 in-demand Russian universities («Russia today» Agency).

Membership in Russian and international associations

Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities

International activity

Priority areas of international activity
Export of educational services, academic mobility of students and teaching staff

Foreign partner universities for the implementation of joint projects and programs 

University of Strasbourg (France);
Astana Medical University (Kazakhstan);
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (Kazakhstan);
Karaganda Medical University (Kazakhstan);
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (Kazakhstan);
Grodno State Medical University (Belarus);

Vitebsk State Medical University (Belarus);
Riga Technical University (Latvia);
Bukhara State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan);
Xiangnan University (China);
University of Debrecen (Hungary);
University of Healthcare FUCS (Colombia);

Jalal-Abad State University (Kyrgyzstan)

What countries do foreign students come from?

Arab Republic of Egypt, India, Republic of Kazakhstan, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Angola, Greece, Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Ghana, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Syrian Arab Republic, Armenia, Ukraine

The list of supplementary education programs that enroll foreign students*

Online courses (in a foreign language) – 27,010 rubles
Russian language courses
For those entering Specialist's program - Elementary-1 (1 year), Elementary-2 (1,5 year) and Advanced (1 year)
For those entering medical residency programs - Intern-1 (1 year) and Intern-2 (1,5 year)
For foreign citizens who do not speak Russian - Starting 

Enrollment and training conditions for foreign citizens

The following terms of admission are established in the framework of the control figures when applying for bachelor's and specialist's degree programs:
the deadline for submitting documents required for admission - June 20;
applicants for training on a separate competition (according to paragraph 137 of the Rules) – August 20;
the deadline for completion of entrance examination conducted by the university independently for applicants who enter on a separate competition (according to paragraph 137 of the Rules) – August 25;
When applying for places in the framework of the check figures for undergraduate and specialist programs, the enrollment procedures are carried out in the following terms:
August 27: the deadline for submitting enrollment consent statements from the persons included in the list of  applicants who enter under contracts for the provision of paid educational services.

Accommodation for foreign students 

Dormitory №1 -  1155,87 rubles per month
Dormitory №4 – 3477,46 rubles per month (triple); 2852,27 rubles per month (quintuple)  

Information on the International Department, contact details of the staff that provides consulting services to foreign citizens (full name, phone number, email)

Aleksei Efanov, Head. Tel.: 8 (3452) 20-41-85.

Functions: organization, coordination, planning of the Center's activities; determination of the development strategy of the university’s international activities; organization of interaction between the university and foreign organizations at various levels.

Aleksandra Shalabodova, Deputy Head. Tel.: 8 (3452) 20-41-85. E-mail: ShalabodovaAG@tyumsmu.ru

Functions: attracting (recruiting) foreign citizens; reception of documents (issuing visas, invitations, permits, interaction with consular and federal services); administration of all types and all levels of academic mobility (incoming, outgoing: students, faculty, study, work); preparatory courses for foreigners (recruitment of students, coordination of the educational process as part of the implementation of pre-university training and courses of Russian as a foreign language); control over the legalization of foreign documents on the education of foreign students; organization of teaching and educational work (supervision of foreign students, monitoring of current and academic performance of foreign students).

Olga Nikitchenko, Specialist. Tel.: 8 (3452) 20-41-85 E- mail: nikitchenkoov@tyumsmu.ru

Functions: translation activities (interpretation, translation of business documentation); English medium administration; socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students.

Evgenia Koniakina, Specialist. Tel.: 8 (3452) 20-41-85 E- mail: konyakinaev@tyumsmu.ru

Functions: interaction with the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on migration registration of foreign students; registration and deregistration of foreign students; medical insurance; residence of foreign students (dormitory, off campus); registration of foreign citizens' visas for staying in the Russian Federation; issuing invitations for foreign citizens to come to the Russian Federation; electronic document management at 1C University for foreign students.

The number of HEI's International service employees who obtained the certificate Ready for cooperation. Level international

Location of the organization:

625023, Тюменская обл., г. Тюмень, ул. Одесская, дом 54