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Kazan State Institute of Culture is a leading educational and scientific center of the Middle Volga region that conducts research on the development of world culture, national cultures of the Volga region's people, library studies, socio-cultural activity, folklore, performing arts, musical art, choreography, and visual arts. The institute combines classical traditions of higher education with state-of-the-art educational technologies.

The institute shows high young people's activity and ranks second in youth policy among Kazan universities.


  • Socio-cultural Technologies and Intelligent Systems
  • Higher School of Art
  • Innovations and Traditions of National Art Culture
  • Theater, Cinema and Television

Popular fields of study

  • Tourism
  • Pedagogical Education
  • Archives and Records Management. Library and Information Activity
  • Arts and Humanities. Theory and History of Arts
  • Cultural Studies
  • National Art Culture. Socio-cultural Activity
  • Acting. Dramatic Art
  • Instrumental Performance. Musicology and Musical Applied Arts. Folk Singing
  • Choreography
  • Theater Directing. Film and TV Directing. Film Photography. Producer Business
  • Decorative and Applied Arts and Crafts. Monumental Arts. Painting. Design

Internships and employment

  • Students undertake internships and work placement with subsequent employment at theaters, museums, philharmonics, libraries, archives, children's music schools and art schools, youth centers, culture and leisure centers, travel agencies, TV and radio companies, motion picture companies, creative unions of theater workers, composers, artists, film makers of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Every year, the institute holds a single career day with the participation of employers from Tatarstan, the Volga region, Russia
  • Employers take part in the learning process, final state certification, exams

Engineering Center

  • There are three research laboratories:
    – fashion design
    – artistic wood processing
    – art pottery
  • Focus areas
    – designing and automating industry-specific business processes
    – conducting research and developing a database
    – creating new designs and manufacturing technologies for modern clothing with national elements
    – developing and introducing intellectual products
    – providing engineering services using a virtual simulator

Graduates of Kazan State Institute of Culture work in various areas of culture, professional art, at social and government agencies, libraries and museums, theaters and clubs of Tatarstan, the Volga region, and Russia. Many of them have prestigious awards for their professional achievements. Among them are honored members of the creative community, People's Artists, scientists, educators, and eminent figures in other important areas of humanities, laureates of Russian and international contests.


The Psychosocial Service offers successful workshops to adapt students to a new learning environment at the institute, develop their communication and confidence behavior skills, and ensure students’ unity and their closer interaction. The meetings are dedicated to a wide variety of topics, for example, Preparation for a session; How to pass an interview; Selffulfillment in creativity, and others.

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