Kazan State Medical University

Republic of Tatarstan
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Kazan State Medical University is the Russian medical science and medical education leader, the center for the development of new medical, pharmaceutical and social technologies of the 21st century.

The university takes an active part in numerous international projects, organizes hundreds of international congresses and conferences, is a partner of foreign universities, research centers and clinics located on the American continent, in Europe and Asia. Every fifth student is a foreign citizen.

Kazan SMU is a satellite university of Innopolis University in Digital Health.

Educational programs

  • General Medicine, RU , EN
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry, RU , EN
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Pharmacy, RU , EN
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Medical Biophysics
  • Nursing Care
  • Social Work

Postgraduate and continuing education

Kazan SMU offers postgraduate and continuing education programs for medical and pharmaceutical professionals and social workers:

  • residency programs in 48 specialties
  • PhD programs in 35 specialties
  • professional retraining, advanced training, internships

The university students and graduates can get continuing education by pursuing programs such as Translator in the Sphere of Professional Communication; Medical Psychology; Digital Technologies in Healthcare, acquire the necessary skills in plastic and reconstructive surgery, fitness medical support, therapeutic massage, cosmetology.


  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Social Work and Higher Nursing Studies
  • International Students
  • Advanced Training and Professional Retraining of Specialists

Science and innovation

Kazan SMU boasts the leading scientific schools of Russia and conducts up-to-date research. Heat and liver are transplanted in Kazan under the supervision of world-renowned scientists. The university has 58 scientific schools:

  • molecular genetics
  • molecular physiology
  • cell and tissue technologies
  • oncology
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • preventive environment
  • endocrinology
  • neurology and neurosciences
  • pediatrics
  • reproductive health
  • psychiatry and dependencies
  • pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry
  • critical technology in medicine

Science is not only an occupation but also a vocation. At Kazan SMU, every student can "taste" science, tap into its thinking system under the guidance of a mentor. Extensive scientific and clinical facilities, highly qualified academic staff, a great number of up-to-date research areas allow students to take a step towards big science and contribute to public health and longevity.

Student life

The university maintains the long-standing traditions of holding sports competitions and annual amateur art festivals. It has a student club, various circles and creative clubs. The student club hosts discos, has a student theater of variety miniatures, a choir, a vocal studio, and a dance group.

  • The Student Club comprises the Grom theater studio, the Astra dance studio, the vocal studio, the Adrenalin cheerleading and aerobics teams, the MDFamily dance studio
  • Debate and elocution club
  • Brain club
  • The Sports Club comprises 16 clubs, the Adrenalin cheerleading squad, the Tulpar aeronautical club, the Bentos diving club
  • Student media center
  • Volunteer movement
  • Aesculapius Student Brigades Office


  • 8 educational and laboratory buildings
  • 5 dormitories: libraries, Internet, recreation rooms, gyms, a shower, laundry and ironing rooms
  • Research library
  • Central research laboratory
  • Stem cell bank
  • Research and education centers: Molecular and Cellular Medicine; Basic and Applied Neurophysiology; Development of New Drug Products and Drug Delivery Systems
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
  • Kazan SMU History Museum
  • Anatomical theater
  • Health law clinic, dental clinic
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical College
  • Department of Innovative Projects and Programs
  • The Pharmexpert regional research and test center
  • Medical Education Research Center
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