Russian New University

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RosNOU is one of the most reputable non-state universities in Russia and is renowned throughout the world, with the central building in Moscow and the branches in the Moscow Region (Domodedovo), the Lipetsk Region (Elets), Tambov, Taganrog, the Rostov Region (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky) as well as in Transnistria (Tiraspol).

The university comprises the Humanities Institute, the Institute of Business Technologies, the Institute of Economics, Management and Finance, the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, the Tax Institute as well as the RosNOU College and IT college.

Research is conducted in well-equipped laboratories. The university holds conferences and seminars. Students and teachers are engaged in the continuing education system. RosNOU has a dissertation council, scientific schools, and some patents registered in the name of the university staff members.


  • Humanities Institute
  • Institute of Business Technologies
  • Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Institute of Economics, Management and Finance
  • RosNOU College
  • Tax Institute


  • 1 campus
  • Dormitory accommodating 600 people
  • 7 educational buildings
  • 8 research laboratories
  • Training center

More than 10,000 students, more than 300 university teachers holding academic degrees.

Address and contacts
105005, Россия, Центральный ФО, г. Москва, улица Радио, 22
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