Land Management and Cadastres in Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Master’s program


Majors: Property Management; Built-Up Area Evaluation and Management


Institute of Land Management, Cadasters and Environmental Engineering


Ekaterina Letiagina, Director

+7 (391) 244-51-12


Accreditation. State accreditation (2021), professional-public accreditation (2020).

Achievements. The program was recognized as one of the best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2022. Over the years, the institute has trained a great number of land management and cadastres specialists.

Teaching staff. The programs are delivered by four departments under the supervision of Doctors of Sciences, Professors and Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. Facilities and resources include four lecture halls, 15 classrooms, four computer classrooms, two geodetic training ranges, and a room of geodesy and cartography history.

Education. Students study land and property relations; the system of land and real estate management; land use area management; forecasting, land use planning and design, rational use and protection of lands; accounting, cadastral valuation and registration of real estate assets; topographic and geodetic and cartographic support for land management and cadastres; positioning of real estate assets, cadastral survey, development of cadastral information systems; land marking and development of other real estate assets.

Research. Current issues in land management, cadastres and environmental engineering. Land cadastral works (geodetic survey of land parcels and their cadastral registration). Development of methods and software for long-term and short-term forecasts of maximum and everyday water levels, including forecasts of jam water levels (development of methods and software for short-term forecasts based on mathematical models).

Employers and employment. The Directorate of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and its structural subdivisions; the Department of Municipal Property and Land Relations of the Krasnoyarsk Administration; the Krasnoyarsk Department of Architecture; the Land Cadastral Chamber for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions; the Forest Inventory Management Enterprise; the Zemlya Federal Cadastral Center, Krasnoyarsk; KrasnoyarskTISIZ, Krasnoyarsk; VostsibNIIgiprozem, Krasnoyarsk; Rostekhinventarizatsiya – Federal Technical Inventory Bureau for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and its territorial subdivisions; municipal administrations of the regions in Western and Eastern Siberia; real estate property and land relations departments of district administration in Krasnoyarsk; district departments of property management; district departments of architecture and urban development; real estate appraisal organizations; the state-owned enterprise of the Krasnoyarsk Territory ZemKadastrProekt, Krasnoyarsk; various limited liability companies such as GeoCad, Binom, Zemlemer, Vektor, Sibgeo, Azimut, EniseyGeoCom, Topograd, and others; businesses of one’s own.

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