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SSUSSE is a modern multidisciplinary university offering higher education programs in pedagogy and education, linguistics, journalism, psychology, environmental studies and natural resources management, IT, management and economics, service, commerce, physical education and sports, choreography, painting, history and archaeology, anthropology and ethnology, music education, foreign languages.


  • Mathematics, Physics, and IT
  • Economics, Management, and Service
  • Psychology Education and Sport
  • Primary Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • Psychology and Special Education
  • Culture and Art
  • Natural Science and Geography
  • History
  • Philology

University science

  • Archaeology Lab
  • Psychology Center for Socio-Humanistic Technologies
  • Interuniversity Center for Physicochemical Research Methods in Archaeology and Ecology
  • Volga-Ural Paleoanthropological Research Center
  • Media Education and Media Design Center
  • Lab "Innovative Technologies of Teaching Russian to Primary and Secondary School Students"
  • Socio-Environmental Design Lab "Human Factor"

Regional specific features

The Samara Region is located in the southeastern part of European Russia. It is a major industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia.

Samara is the capital of the Samara Region, with a population of > 1,000,000 people. It is one of the oldest Russian cities. It boasts a well-developed river tourism industry and often holds football competitions and musical festivals.

The climate is moderately continental, with cold winter, short spring, hot and dry summer, rather rainy and cool fall.

Places of interest

Samara is situated on the bank of the Volga River. It is one of the world's longest rivers and the longest one in Europe.

The Samara Region has over 200 natural monuments, including national parks Samarskaya Luka and Buzuluk Pine Forest, I. I. Sprygin Zhiguli State Nature Biosphere Reserve.

Socialization and adaptation

Consulting service that supports international students while they study and live in Russia and helps them resolve migration registration and control issues

Advisors from among university teachers and student volunteers, including final-year international students


  • Annual student conferences, Russian language Olympiads
  • Russian language and culture days, festivals such as New Year, Christmas, Maslenitsa (Pre-Lenten festival), Russian Students' Day, Victory Day, Knowledge Day, festivals, Student Spring, Student Debut
  • Sports tournaments
  • Performances of SSUSSE international student creative teams at city and regional festivals
  • Psychosocial workshops, quests, discussions, questionnaire surveys, meetings with members of diaspora
  • Activities of student self-governance bodies, the student dormitory council, volunteer brigades
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