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Siberian State Medical University (SibMed) is one of the oldest universities in Russia, the third medical university in Russia, a large scientific and educational and clinical center.

SibMed is one of the six Russian universities that have their own clinics. It means that SibMed students receive training at the hospital with actual patients. Besides, students have access to the modern simulation center accredited by the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM).

80% of the academic staff are specialists having academic degrees and titles and medical practitioners.

Departments and institutes

  • Department of General Medicine
  • Department of Biomedicine
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Institute for Integrative Health Care

Internships and employment

Starting from the third year of study, all students, including international ones, can take an exam in Nursing Care and work at Russian clinics. Besides, students are employed by SibMed as English language teachers and have the right to find any job themselves at
organizations in the city of Tomsk and work part-time.

Every academic year, students undertake a mandatory internship at the university clinics. They also have the right to undertake an internship at any organization they take interest in, including international organizations, in their free time.

SibMed offers international students the opportunity to participate in university grants in different fields as well as in the annual contest of student startup projects.

SibMed assists its graduates in job search. For example, 769 out of 1,096 graduates were employed in 2021, and 272 graduates continued their education by pursuing the following education degree.

Arrival and adaptation

SibMed makes arrangements to meet students and accompany them to the university, provides assistance in executing documents, getting health insurance, checking in at the dormitory, offers other accommodation, and helps in accompanying students to medical and other essential institutions.

SibMed adaptation programs include:

  • Preparation for student life in Russian society
  • Russian as a foreign language courses
  • Russian speaking clubs
  • University-wide entertainment events aimed at creating cross-cultural communication between international and Russian-speaking students
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