Siberian State Medical University

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international students and attendees from 28 countries

SibMed is one of the first medical universities in Russia. Thanks to the teachers' extensive experience and competence, SibMed students get world-class high-quality education.

The university trains not only physicians but also other highly qualified healthcare specialists such as medical IT specialists, bioengineers, personalized medicine experts, clinical psychologists, biopharmacologists, social design specialists, and others.

SimMed is the only Russian medical university that has a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to manufacture medicinal products.

You can get 15% and 30% discounts for Bachelor's and Specialist's programs based on the results of your entrance exams. The discount does not apply to the Dentistry program.

SibMed today

  • The large research and education center: over 8,000 students from 61 regions of Russia and 28 foreign countries (the CIS countries and other countries)
  • 945 state-funded places for admission to Specialist's and Bachelor's programs for applicants from Russia and the CIS countries
  • Unique academic staff: 80% of teachers hold academic degrees and titles
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Telegram – @postypi_v_SibMED

Tuition fees for the academic year 2022-2023

Bachelor's programs 146,990 – 167,700 RUB
Specialist's programs 153,780 – 230,140 RUB
Master's programs 80,000 RUB
PhD programs 54,100 – 250,600 RUB
Residency programs 239,480 – 262,600 RUB


SibMed leading teachers

The university successfully develops famous scientific schools. Among them is the Therapists school founded by Professor M. Kurlov who developed the tuberculosis prevention and treatment system. The founder of the Siberian Pharmacology School was the Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR N. Vershinin who created the medicinal products that were superior to the best world-class products. Among the alumni are a lot of famous doctors and scientists who contributed to the development of medical science: Academician D. Yablokov, Academician A. Savinykh, Professor A. Kulyabko, and others.

SibMed Modern Simulation Center

The university has one of the two Russia's centers accredited by the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM). The center allows students to acquire practical skills and master the methods for providing medical care on state-of-the-art equipment.


SibMed comprises seven world-class laboratories implementing special projects on bionic digital platforms, targeted theranostics, education, precision medicine.

SibMed's multidisciplinary clinics

SibMed students have a unique opportunity to study and undertake internships at ten multidisciplinary clinics of the university fitted with state-of-the-art expert-class equipment. Every year over 20,000 patients from Russia and the CIS countries receive medical care here.

Students have the opportunity to pursue science and research. The university offers grants in the amount of up to 500,000 RUB to students for the implementation of their own projects. In 2019-2021, more than 70 SibMed students got such payments.

SibMed has ten specialized clinics: the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, the Urology Clinic, the Surgery Clinic, the Ophthalmology Clinic, the Endocrinology Clinic, the Neurology Clinic, the Children's Clinic, the General Medicine Clinic, the Infectious Disease Clinic, and the Rheumatology Clinic.

International students can undergo practical training both at the SibMed clinics and other medical organizations, including the organizations in the CIS countries and other foreign countries.

International cooperation

Among the partners are leading universities of China, India, Brazil, the CIS countries, and others.

In cooperation with Tashkent Medical Academy in Uzbekistan, the university is preparing to launch the Master's program in Management.

Student community

As a SibMed student, everybody can develop their talents and find themselves not only in studies but also in music, sports, volunteering, and many other areas. The university has over 20 creative associations, a scientific community, teams of the Club of the Funny and Inventive, a theater, and other clubs.


  • 6 dormitories
  • The university administration is understanding and careful about providing comfortable living conditions for students. Students are accommodated in the comfortable dormitories with modern infrastructure
  • The medical university campus is located in the historic center of the city which is replete with the cultural facilities, public catering facilities, leisure destinations

How to increase your chances to get a state-funded place?

  • Take part in the SibMed Homo novus Olympiad. The Olympiad subjects are chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics. The Olympiad winners and prize-winners get ten bonus points added to the total score in their entrance exams. Every year the Olympiad brings together over 1,000 participants. The Olympiad is held annually from November till April
  • Connect to the free educational platform "MedClass." The project is intended for 8-11th graders from Russia, the CIS countries, and other foreign countries. At the platform, prospective students can study independently or together with their classmates in five academic tracks such as Doctor, IT, Medicines, Leadership, Laboratories. The MedClass allows students to prepare for the Homo novus Olympiad and the SibMed All-Russian conference contest of school students' research papers and projects, for which bonus points are awarded
  • Be actively engaged in volunteering. The points are taken into account when you submit the supporting document

Homo novus Olympiad
Go to MedClass
Individual achievements

Scholarships for international students

In 2022, the minimum basic scholarship is

  • 2,477 RUB for first-year students
  • 2,800 RUB for second-year students.

The university provides increased scholarships for academic and research excellence and outstanding achievements in cultural and public life or sports. The increased scholarship is 12,000 RUB and more.

Application dates

  • Application for state-funded places. June 15-July 20 based on the results of entrance exams
  • Application for fee-paying places. June 15-August 17 based on the results of entrance exams

Admission requirements for residency programs
Admission requirements for PhD programs
Applicant's Personal Account

The educational programs at SibMed are taught in Russian. You must be sure that you speak Russian well enough to cope with your studies.

Admission Office Hotline for the CIS Countries

+7 3822 59-01-22 higher education
+7 3822 52-87-25 residency programs

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