Tyumen State Medical University

Tyumen Region
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Tyumen State Medical University is one of the leading universities in Russia. It trains doctors, pharmacists-in-charge, and health professionals for Russia, CIS countries, and other countries.


  • Tyumen SMU is Russia’s only medical university that conducted post-approval clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine EpiVacCorona to prevent the new coronavirus infection
  • The chronobiologists’ works are widely known beyond Russia
  • Medical researchers’ inventions contribute greatly to the development of regional healthcare, improve patients’ quality of life, win the fight against diseases where the medicine was powerless only yesterday

Priority research areas

Personalized Medicine
Active development of personalized medicine technology in the field of chronobiology, biotechnology, and biosafety

Arctic Medicine
Large-scale studies of the Arctic zone population health

Preventive Environment
Tyumen SMU participates in large-scale multicenter studies of the epidemiology of chronic non-communicable socially significant diseases


  • 5 educational buildings
  • 2 clinics, 3 dormitories, a library
  • 28 medical institutions in the region are the university’s clinical facilities
  • 200 healthcare organizations are facilities for academic internships and work placements
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