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ALIEV, Rasul Magomedovich



Description. One of the priority areas of the DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity is “Environmental Engineering and Water Management”. Training of bachelors aims atˇ mastering methods and technologies of development, design engineering, construction and operation of objects of environmental engineering and water manage-ment. Students have an opportunity to continue education in the Master’s programme and postgraduate programme.

In recent years, demand for graduates of this programme remains very high; the material resources necessary for the implementation of the study programme are formed and updated. The Faculty has trained over 2 thousand qualified specialists recognized by their professional activities not only in Russia but also in the USA, Australia, Israel and other countries.

Teaching staff. Four departments participate in training bachelor’s and master’s students in the sphere of environmental engineering and water management. A high level of graduates’ competences is provided by the teaching staff comprising 7 Doctors and 17 Candidates of Sciences as well as Honoured Scientists of the Republic of Dagestan, Academician of Water Sciences, and Honoured Ameliorator of RF. Every year teachers publish no less than 30 articles and become regular winners and medallists of all-Russian and international competitions.

Competitiveness of students. Second year students carry out research work. Senior students participate in international, all-Russian and academic conferences, Olympiads and symposiums under the supervision of scientists of the University.

Interaction with employers. Quality work experience and practical training are provided by agreements with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Dagestan, the Committee on Land Resources and Land Tenure of Dagestan, the West Caspian Basin Water Department, Dagvodresources and others.

Graduates of the programme work as engineers in different enterprises in the sphere of development and construction. Among major employers are leading organizations of water management and Rosreestr of the Republic of Dagestan: “Minmeliovodkhoz” of the Republic of Dagestan, “DAGGIPROVODKHOZ” of the Republic of Dagestan, andˇ “Giprozem” as well as the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan, the West Caspian Basin Water Department, Land-Cadastral Chamber of the Republic of Dagestan and others.