Applied Geology in North-Caucasus Federal University

Specialist’s program


Geology of Oil and Gas Fields major


Institute of Earth Sciences


Vitalii Belozerov, Acting Director of the Institute
+7 (8652) 94-62-11


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Awards and achievements. The RFBR grant (“PhD Students”) “Prediction of the spread of carbonate basins of the Neftekumsk natural reservoir with the purpose of further exploration of prospective targets in the territory of the Eastern Stavropol Territory.”
In 2022, the program was ranked 17th in the subject ranking as part of the Three University Missions ecosystem according to RAEX (Expert RA).

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 20 teachers, including one Doctor of Sciences, five Candidates of Sciences, and three Assistant Professors.

Facilities and resources. The educational laboratory of petrography and lithology, the educational laboratory of Ciscaucasia’s petroleum field geology.

Education. Teachers use distance learning technologies, multimedia technologies, the project method. While studying, students acquire the following professional competencies: self-improvement and professional development skills, readiness to use methods, techniques and tools of prospecting, exploration and development of oil, gas and gas condensate fields, an ability to combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills for geological reasoning of efficient use of oil, gas and gas condensate fields.

Research is conducted on evaluation of oil and gas content and modeling of natural hydrocarbon systems. Researchers participate in international, all-Russian research and practical conferences, contests, forums. The research findings are published in Russian and
international periodicals.

Competitive advantages. Close cooperation with industrial enterprises, engagement of employers in giving classes and organizing internships. Field practical training in picturesque districts of the Caucasian Spas. Educational laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive collection of rock and mineral samples.

Employers and employment. Possible professions are geologist (geological engineer), petroleum geologist, exploration geologist, oil and gas field modeling specialist, petrologist. The major employers are RN-Stavropolneftegaz, Gazprom transgaz Stavropol,
SevKavNIPIgaz, Gazprom UGS, and other enterprises.

High authority of graduates who are successfully employed by oil and gas industry enterprises in various regions of Russia is determined by a high level of their professional competence.