Control in Engineering Systems in Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program


Majors: Management and Informatics in Engineering Systems (Bachelor’s program), Control in Engineering Systems (Master’s program)


Institute of Innovative Technologies in Electromechanics and Robotics,
Department of Control in Engineering Systems


Vladislav Shishlakov, Head of the Department
+7 (812) 494-70-31


Accreditation. State accreditation. Professional-public accreditation.

Awards and achievements. Students are participants and winners of all-Russian and international contests and conferences. They get the Russian Government Scholarships, participate in exchange programs with specialized universities in other countries.

Teaching staff. The degree-granting department employs 33 staff members, most of whom hold academic degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences. Emphasis is placed on the staff members who are representatives of leading employers in specialized industries..

Facilities and resources. The department laboratories are fitted with modern educational laboratory facilities, multimedia equipment, computer classrooms with all modern licensed software necessary for the educational process.

Education. Students pursue full-time studies, with a strong focus on practical training. Students have an opportunity to participate both in equipment design and assembly and in studying complex engineering facilities. They can do research and participate in top
research conferences and contests.

Research. As part of the educational programs, the department conducts the study and synthesis of non-linear automatic control systems with construction of digital twins and assembly of test equipment for subsequent research and introduction in the learning process.

Competitive advantages. A high level of competence gained as part of practice-oriented training is an important advantage of the educational program’s graduates. The specialized enterprises’ leading experts who are members of the teaching staff maintain high demand for graduates in the job market at a proper level.

Employers and employment. Graduates can find a job and undertake work placement at top specialized enterprises such as Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Command Devices Research Institute, and others.