Oil and Gas Engineering in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program


Majors: Oil and Gas Well Drilling; Operation and Maintenance of Oil Production Facilities; Construction and Repair of Pipeline Transportation Facilities; Operation and Maintenance of Gas and Gas Condensate Production Facilities and Underground Gas Storage Facilities


Institute of Earth Sciences


Vitalii Belozerov, Acting Director of the Institute

+7 (8652) 94-62-11


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020. Awards and achievements. Students won the projects: the All-Russian contest of student papers as part of the Professional Internships 2.0 project, the Case-in International Engineering Championship in the Oil and Gas Engineering category, the Gazprom Student Olympiad in Oil and Gas Engineering. They won the research and practice conference “Innovative Ideas of the Young People of the Stavropol Territory for the Development of Russia’s Economy”. Teaching staff. The program is delivered by more than 30 teachers. Over 10% of the staff are heads and employees of specialized enterprises.

Facilities and resources. Oil and gas well workover and development laboratory. Oil and gas production, collection and processing laboratory. Pipeline transport laboratory. Drilling muds and cement slurries laboratory. Simulation technologies are used.

Education. Distance learning technologies, multimedia technologies, and the project method are used.

Research is conducted in two areas. Researchers take part in international and all-Russian research and practice conferences, contests, and forums. Their research findings are published in the Russian and foreign periodicals. Competitive advantages. The educational programs for international students in Operation and Maintenance of Oil Production Facilities and Oil and Gas Well Drilling are taught in English. The institute also delivers in-demand professional retraining and continuing education programs. Students have the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree.

Employers and employment. Possible professions are oil, gas and gas condensate production engineer, drilling supervisor, drilling engineer, gas facilities equipment operation engineer, oil and gas pipeline operation engineer, gas distribution plant operator, gas transmission equipment operator, underground gas storage facility equipment operator, process engineer for underground gas storage facilities, oil and gas facilities quality control and diagnosis inspector, well researcher, pipeline transport facilities construction and repair specialist, oil and gas well workover specialist. The major employers are RN-Stavropolneftegaz, Gazprom transgaz Stavropol, SevKavNIPIgaz, Gazprom UGS, NEOLANT Service, and others.