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Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Glazov State Pedagogical Institute named after V.G. Korolenko


Об организации

Achievements and academic reputation

Membership in Russian and international associations

Association of International Students
Eurasian Association of Pedagogical Universities
Finno-Ugrian Association

Поступление и обучение

International activity 

Priority areas of international activity

Summer and winter language schools, international student recruitment, international accreditation of educational programs

What countries do foreign students come from?

Turkmenistan – 96
Azerbaijan - 2
Belarus – 1
Kazakhstan  - 16
Tajikistan – 18
Ukraine - 3

The list of educational programs that enroll foreign students*

44.03.05 Pedagogical education ( two majors)*

Bachelor's programs

Mathematics and Supplementary Education (Robotics)

Preschool Education and Correctional Pedagogy 

Primary Education and Supplementary Education (Creative Development in Early Childhood)

History and Supplementary Education (Project-based Learning Management)

Applied Bachelor's programs

Mathematics and Informatics

Physics and Informatics

Physics and Geography

Russian Language and Literature

Russian Language and English Language

Primary Education and Mathematics

Primary Education and Russian Language

Primary Education and Biology

Music and Primary Education

Preschool Education and Supplementary Education

Preschool Education and Primary Education

Physical Training and Health and Safety

Physical Training and Educational Work Management

History and Geography

History and Social Science

Udmurt Language and English Language

Foreign Languages (English and German)

Employment opportunities for foreign students during study and after graduation:


International Department

1 employee

Does the International Department have an opportunity to interact with the target audience via HEI’s official website?


Contact details of the staff that provides consulting services to foreign citizens (full name, phone number, email)

Belykh Lilia Iosifovna, 8- 912- 878 -53-35, 


427621, Удмуртская Республика, г. Глазов, ул. Первомайская, 25