Applied Geology in North-Caucasus Federal University

Specialist’s program

Institute of Oil and Gas,

Department of Oil and Gas Geology






Vladimir A. GRIDIN,

Head of the Department

Tel. + 7 8652 94-72-38 (52-10), (52-01)


Achievements and awards. The program underwent state accreditation in 2020. It also successfully underwent professional-public accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology for five years.

Teaching staff. The educational process is implemented by ten teachers including two Doctors and eight Candidates of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. To implement the educational and research process, the following facilities and resources are used: Altami POLAR 2 miscroscope, B-600POL Optika trinocular polarization microscope, MS1602S precision (counter) balance, MS204S analytical balance, UF 55 drying cabinet, D9/11/SKM muffle furnace, OFITE calcimeter (№ 152-95), the petrographic installation “Analyzer of Fragments of Microstructure of Solid Bodies Kern C7m with optical and mechanical equipment,” GPE-30 gas permeameter, LIQPERM training liquid permeameter, HEP-E helium porosimeter.

Research. The thematic area of research is geology, exploration of oil and gas fields. The department established the laboratories: “Simulation of natural oil and gas reservoirs,” “Petrography and Lithology,” “Reservoir geology of the Pre-Caucasus;” the Emerald geological club. Students and staff of the department take an active part in all-Russian scientific and practical and scientific and technical conferences.

Education. In the educational process, students learn how to use methods, techniques and means for exploration and development of oil, gas and gas condensate fields; combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills for geological reasoning of efficient use of resources of oil, gas and gas condensate fields.

Strategic partners. Students do practical training under the internship agreements with major Russian enterprises: VolgogradNIPIneft; Stavropol Underground Gas Storage Department, a branch of Gazprom UGS; North-Caucasus Research Design Institute of Natural Gases; Gasprom transgaz Stavropol; Gazprom dobycha Krasnodar; Stavropol Office of Emergency Repair and Well Workover, a branch of Gazprom UGS.

Competitive advantages. The university closely cooperates with industrial enterprises, engages employers in giving classes and organizing internships. There is a learning laboratory with an extensive collection of rock and mineral samples as well as the field internship facilities in the settlement of Inozemtsevo.

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