Construction, Operation, Restoring and Technical Coverage of Automobile Roads, Bridges and Tunnels in Industrial University of Tyumen

Specialist's program


Institute of Civil Engineering,

Department of Automobile Roads and Aerodromes



Head of the Department

Tel: +7 3452 28-39-21



Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by 155 Candidates of Sciences, 13 Doctors of Sciences, two Corresponding Members of RSA. Representatives of the real sector of the economy are involved in teaching: design and construction companies and organizations, factories and industrial companies, plants and industrial enterprises that manufacture building structures and products, housing and utility organizations.

Facilities and resources. Training and research laboratories: general and special chemistry, physics, strength of materials, building structures, automobile roads, construction and road machines, gas supply, ventilation, heating and heat supply, quality of natural and waste waters, building materials, geotechnical engineering, frost science engineering. All the laboratories are fitted with state-of-the-art devices and equipment.

Research. Energy and resource efficiency of engineering systems and structures construction and operation technologies, development of efficient construction materials, structures, technologies, engineering equipment (new materials using nanotechnologies, water purification technologies, renewable energy sources, digital technologies in civil engineering), computational and experimental simulation of footings and foundations, theory of design, construction and upkeep of buildings, automobile roads, subways, aerodromes, bridges and transport tunnels, comfortable urban environment: reliability of buildings, technical and environmental safety.

Education. Practical modular training, project-based learning, research projects, innovative projects "Diploma as a STARTUP", applied projects involving industrial partners, creative projects.

Strategic partners. The Tyumen Region State Automobile Roads Department, the Department of Road Infrastructure and Transport of the Tyumen City Administration, Mostostroy-11, the Tyumen Region Road Operation Company, Giprotyumenneftegaz, Tyumen Oil Research Center, Neftegazproekt Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute.

International projects and programs. IUT cooperates with international partner universities — Isanov Kyrgyz State University of Transport Construction and Architecture (Kyrgyzstan), Berlin Applied Sciences University (Germany).

Competitive advantages. The university trains elite-level specialists for projecting and constructing unique objects — cosmodromes,  several-kilometer-long tunnels and bridges, subways and other transportation infrastructure objects, combining the best traditions of Russian engineering school with science and practice of creation and application of state-of-the-art constructing and manufacturing technologies.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The university greets international students, offers them dormitory accommodation assistance, helps them solve daily life and social problems. Department of International Educational Programs – Oksana Skrauch,, tel. +7 3452 68-34-05.                                 

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