Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program


Majors: Electrical Power Systems and Networks; Digital Technologies in Electrical Power Engineering; Electric Power Supply


Institute of Engineering, Department of Automated Electric Power Systems and Electric Power Supply


Iurii Kononov, Head of the Department

+7 (8652) 95-65-49


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Awards and achievements. Students pursuing this program are prize-winners and winners of industry-specific case championships, research conferences, and contests of research (UMNIK and STARTUP) and academic (“I am a Professional”) papers.

Facilities and resources. Lecture halls are equipped with technical aids such as a portable laptop, a projector, and a magnetic markerboard. Training aids and topic-based presentations are used. Classrooms for practical classes are fitted with modern computers with internet access and required software, have access to the electronic information and educational environment of NCFU.

Education. Starting from the first year of study, students have been acquiring both knowledge and practical skills. Classes are conducted in specialized educational laboratories and at research and education centers. State-of-the-art Russian and imported equipment is at students’ disposal. Prospective engineers study electrical networks modes, operating principles of relay protection and automatic equipment, create their own scientific projects.

Research. Students conduct research on information technology in electric power engineering, development of the theory of electric power systems reliability assessment, electric power metering devices and their improvement.

Competitive advantages. While studying, students develop professional competencies related to the design of electric power systems and control of their modes, operation of equipment of high-voltage electrical substations. While studying, students have access to the equipment applied at utilities, which facilitates their adaptation at electric power industry enterprises. The program places emphasis on application of information technologies used as part of the concept of digital transformation of electric power engineering.

Employers and employment. The mode calculation service, the supervisory control service, the substation service, the relay protection and automatic equipment service (branches of Russian Power System Operator, branches of Rosseti Federal Grid Company, hydro engineering facilities (RusHydro branches), renewable energy: wind power plants (NovaWind), solar power plants (Solar Systems), design and research institutes and organizations.

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