IUNC Eurasia 2018

IUNC Eurasia 2018 was successfully held on May 14-17, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. The 7th Annual International Universities Networking Conference & Edu Agency Workshop IUNC Eurasia 2018 is the Int'l HigherEd Conference focused on the University Cooperation Development and Edu Agency Relations Building.

The conference gathered about 200 participants from the whole world. Universities and recruitment agencies from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Turkey, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Ecuador, Nigeria, Uganda, and other countries participated in the event.
The conference venue was the State University of Management, Moscow. The State University of Management (SUM) is one of the largest state Russian universities. SUM is an active international player developing the global research and education internationalization. SUM and its excellent conferencing facilities helped to arrange the conference at the high level.

One of the most important events within IUNC Eurasia 2018 was the 2nd BRICS HigherEd Cooperation Forum, a purpose-oriented establishment aimed to develop university partnerships between institutions from the BRICS countries.
The core part of every IUNC conference is one-to-one meetings. This format gives an opportunity to choose potential partners of interest for each participant, it is also a good chance to meet and discuss possible cooperation in person. This practice helps participants meet each other in a business atmosphere, discuss important issues and find possible ways of universitiesʼ cooperation. During IUNC Eurasia 2018 more than 700 meetings took place. Networking and social activities are an essential part of the conference, that is why the IUNC Organizing Committee does its best to arrange unique networking opportunities for all attendees.

The Ceremony of the 2nd Annual EEUA Award 2018 celebrated higher education institutions from Russia and the CIS countries for achievements in the field of international performance and internationalization of higher education.

The most impressive part of the event was the Ceremony of the 2nd Annual EEUA Award 2018. The award is given to higher education institutions of Russia and the CIS countries for achievements in the field of international performance and internationalization of higher education. The beautiful, bright and full of good emotions ceremony was followed by a gala-dinner. It was a Russian-style party with many entertaining activities, quizzes and contests devoted to Russian culture and history such as difficult-to-pronounce words in Russian, some Russian historical facts, Russian traditional music, etc. Everyone got an authentic Russian souvenir. A funny mime amused guests and surprised them by his tricks. At the end of the conference, the IUNC Organizing Committee arranged a traditional Moscow River Cruise, during which participants enjoyed night views of the capital of Russia, relaxed and danced.


We are happy that the Annual IUNC Eurasia conference is now a place where universities from all over the world can meet each other, share their best practices, discuss all important and sophisticated topics related to higher education and its internationalization, establish solid contacts, and begin partnerships. We are inviting universities, colleges, languages schools, recruitment agencies and other educational service providers from around the globe to join us at IUNC Eurasia 2019!



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