Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute


Anna A. GlukhanIuk,

Rector of Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor at the Department of Producer Business, Theory and Practice of Preforming Art



Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute is one of the leading theater institutions in Russia. It is the only higher education institution in the Urals offering programs in performing arts, theater management, theater producing, creative writing, directing of the theater.

The institute was officially founded in 1985, its true history, however, stretches back to over 80 years when it was just a theater college with graduates to become famous national actors, stage managers, art and culture professionals.
Since its foundation in 1985 until 2016 the Rector of the Institute was Vladimir Babenko, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Honoured Art Worker. In 2016 Anna Glukhaniuk, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor, was appointed a new Rector of the institute.

Upon admission to the institute, a student should choose the field to specialize in: performing artist of drama theater and motion pictures, puppet artist, musical theater artist, TV program presenter, stage director, producer of the performing arts, literature worker (dramaturge). The institute aims to develop a multi-skilled professional capable to work in different genres and directions. It is not a coincidence that students and graduates of the institute win in prestigious national and international artistic contests.

Taking part in national and international festivals, contests, stage directing, acting and literature workshops is one of the most important components of education in Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute. Students benefit from attending workshops and practical classes organized the leading national theater personalities, recognized experts in the field, for example, theater director Anatolii Praudin, the laureate of the State Prize of RSFSR; Iurii Vasilev, Honoured Art Worker of Russia, Professor of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts; Irina Promptova, Professor of the Gitis Russian Institute of Theater Arts, and many others.

A relatively new program implemented by the institute is the Producer of Performing Arts. In this program students are trained to have an insight into theatrical process, they study economic and legal grounds of art management, and by graduation they are capable to organize a stage production, concert or theater tour, and deal with the general organization and management issues of performing arts.

Training literature workers and thus creating a new generation of drama authors under the supervision of Nikolai Koliada, the laureate of K.S. Stanislavsky reward, is unique for the Urals and the whole of Russia. The alumna of the institute win numerous prestigious awards in literature.

The institute has its own student theater. Taking part in theatrical performances is the first stage experience of prospective artists. Students’ plays have often won in theatrical festivals “Bravo,” “Your Chance,” “The Future of the Theater Russia.”

The institute also offers further education programs. These include the “Children’s Stage” for children aged 6-12 years old, the theater-studio “Kolombina” for children and adolescents aged 6-17, the “Hollywood Program” for all age groups, a course in voice and speech technique offered by the Centre of Speech Culture to the general public willing to master their speech skills, acquire the ability to speak properly and elegantly, to master the art of public speaking. The institute offers preparatory courses for high school graduates willing to acquire confidence before the exam, and further education courses for stage directors, play writers, teachers—all theater specialists intending to enhance their professional competence.

In the framework of its international cooperation the institute holds different conferences, discussion meetings, and festivals. These include the Speech on Stage conference for voice and speech training teachers, the “He. She. They” international contest-festival of chamber performances or one-man shows. The institute runs joint projects in cooperation with theater institutions of Germany, Serbia, Kazakhstan, and other countries.
We welcome you to our institute—the professional theater workroom!



Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute

Established in 1985

Student body— 462

2, Vainera Street, Ekaterinburg, 620014, Russia

Rector’s office: tel./fax: +7 343 371-76-45 Admissions office: tel.: +7 343 372-02-42, 372-02-42



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