Veterinary Medicine in Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin

Specialist’s program


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Pavel Abramov, Dean
+7 (495) 377-91-67


Accreditation. State accreditation. Professional-public accreditation carried out by the Council for Professional Qualifications in Agribusiness.

Awards and achievements. Students are winners of the Moscow Skilled Workers competition in the categories of Best Future Veterinarian and Best Young Specialist of the State Veterinary Service of Moscow, research paper contests at different levels. The academy implements grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation, the Federal Targeted Program, the Russian Government, as well as sci-tech agreements. It participates in the International Veterinary Congress, the interuniversity championship “Young Professionals” (Worldskills Russia).

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 97 Candidates of Sciences, 49 Doctors of Sciences, six Corresponding Members and Academicians of the RAS and the RANS, laureates of the Russian Government Award in Science and Technology, representatives of the real sector of the economy.

Facilities and resources. Microscopes, kymographs, centrifuges, DNA cabinets, PCR cabinets, amplifiers, transilluminators, hemiluminometers, ECG recorders, coagulators, ultrasonographs for animals, autoclaves, dry heat sterilizers, an endoscopy tower, a dental 
X-ray machine, and other equipment.

Education. Online surveys, training on alternative humane animal models, doing clinical case studies using a simulation and gaming approach.

Research. State-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases, application of new tools and methods for analyzing functional parameters in animals, operative treatment techniques, pharmacorrection of organ and system dysfunctions,
optimization of therapy measures in various diseases.

Competitive advantages. The academy boasts leading scientific schools of animal anatomy, pharmacology, parasitology, veterinary surgery, internal non-infectious diseases, unique diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, highly qualified teachers.
The academy offers continuing professional education programs for foreign citizens, individual and collaborative internships done in English.

Employers and employment. Agro-industrial enterprises, research institutions, commercial institutions, animal clinics, universities in the Central Federal District and other regions of Russia, the Veterinary Committee of Moscow, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Products in the Moscow Region, and others. Over 36 foreign partners, including FAO and OIE.

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