Belgorod Region

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Geography. It is part of the Central Black Earth economic region and the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation. The region is located in the southwestern and southern slopes of the Central Russian Upland in the Dnieper and Don River basins, in the forest-steppe zone of elevated hilly plain with an average height of 200 meters above sea level. The area is 27.100

Climate. The climate is temperate continental with hot summers and comparatively mild winters. The average annual air temperature varies from +5.4 °C in the north to +6.8 °C in the southeast. The coldest month is January.


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Economy. This is a highly developed industrial and agrarian region, with a well-developed building industry, enterprises of power engineering industry, metalworking, and radio electronics, well-developed social and cultural infrastructure.


  • The city has three bus stations, such as Belgorod bus station, Belgorod-2 bus station (located at the bus station square), and Energomash bus station.
  • Belgorod Railway Station
  • Belgorod Airport is an international airport

Tourist attractions

  • Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve. In 1943, a large-scale tank battle took place here, which played an important role in the victory of the Soviet army in the Kursk Bulge.  A military museum has been opened in this place, a monumental composition on the theme of the battle has been placed, a temple has been built, on the walls of which the names of the dead soldiers are carved. The symbol of the reserve is a white-stone belfry with a huge bell, whose triple strikes every hour remind us of the exploits on three battlefields: Kulikovo, Borodino, and Prokhorovka.
  • Belogorye Nature Reserve. One of the oldest nature reserves in Russia. Its lands trace their history of conservation back to 1640. It is famous for its old-growth oak forest, where some trees are over 300 years old. Many representatives of protected flora are listed in the Red Book. The fauna of the reserve is diverse and unique.
  • The Yusupov Palace in Rakitnoye Village. The Rakitnaya sloboda (settlement) belonged to the Yusupov princes for two centuries, and the construction of a two-story palace began in 1840 and lasted six years. It was designed by well-known architects of that time, one of them is Giacomo Florenti, whose masterpieces adorn the streets of Saint Petersburg.

The capital is the city of Belgorod, founded in 1596.


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This is a multinational, well-well-developed city in the south of the Central Russian Upland, the scientific, cultural, economic and spiritual center of the Central Black Earth Region of Russia. Belgorod was the first city in Russia to obtain the title of City of Military Glory.

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