Voronezh Region

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Geography. It is located in the central part of the East European Plain. The area is 52,4 thousand km².  It borders the Belgorod and Kursk Regions in the west, with the Lipetsk and Tambov Regions in the north, with the Saratov Region in the northeast, with the Volgograd Region in the east, and with the Rostov Region in the southeast. 

Climate is moderately continental.

Average temperature

  • – 6.3°C in January
  • +21.0°C in July


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Economics. The main industries are mechanical engineering and metalworking, food, chemical and petrochemical industries.


  • The region’s territory is crossed by 12, 479 km of common-use hard-surfaced highways intended for public use. Four main highways are of federal importance: E115–М4 Don (Moscow– Novorossiysk); E119–М6 The Caspian (Moscow–Astrakhan); А144E – 38 (Kursk–Saratov); Р193 (Voronezh–Tambov). The highways Р194 Voronezh–Lugansk; Р185 Belgorod–Rossosh are also important.
  • The region’s railway network is represented by the transit main railway line Moscow– Voronezh – Rostov-on-Don –Adler, and other railway lines. 
  • Voronezh International Airport

Tourist attractions

  • Palace complex of the Oldenburgs in Ramon. The unique palace complex was built at the end of the 19th century. It was owned by the granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I and the niece of Emperor Alexander II, Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg. The palace was built in the Neo-Gothic style typical of British architecture of the 18-19th centuries. Today everyone can visit this unique place, immerse oneself in the epoch of Tsarist Russia, visiting, in particular, newly renovated the Svitsky building of the palace complex where the beau monde of that time stayed in the old days.
  • Dmitry Venevitinov Museum Estate is an architectural monument of the 18th century. The estate complex is located in a picturesque place; nearby is the park with a pond, a rotund, and an observation deck with an amazing view of the Don River. The museum estate is named after the best known representative of the Venevitinov family – poet, critic, and philosopher Dmitry Venevitinov who was a close relative and friend of the great poet Alexander Pushkin.
  • Divnogorye Architecture and Archeology Reserve Museum is famous for its archeological sites of the Paleolithic, Bronze, and Medieval Ages. The reserve has preserved the relict species of fauna and flora listed in the Red Book. The unique Church of Sicilian Icon of Mother of God erected by the Russian monks in the first half of the 19th century, totally caved inside the chalk mountain, is one of the pearls of the reserve.

The capital is the city of Voronezh, founded in 1586.


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Voronezh is a modern, well-developed city of European type with a million-plus population, has the status of a scientific, industrial, and cultural center. There are many theaters, movie theaters, museums, and unusual monuments in the city.

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