Novosibirsk Region

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Geography. The Novosibirsk Region is located in the southeast of the West Siberian Plain. It stretches for 642 km from west to east and for 444 km from north to south. Its area is 178,200 km². The relief consists of plains. The region borders other regions of Russia such as the Tomsk and Omsk Regions, the Kemerovo Region, and the Altai Territory. The state border between Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan runs along the southwestern part of the region.

Climate. The climate is continental.

Average temperature

  • -16…- 20°C in January
  • +16… +20°C in July


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Economy. The main industries are the food industry and mechanical engineering. In the machine building industry, the dominant industries are electrical engineering (generators and turbines, large electric steel furnaces), aircraft and instrument engineering, manufacturing of machine tools and agricultural machinery.


  • The region is crossed by three federal highways (М51, М52, М53) as well as major regional highways (Р380, Р384).
  • There are 11 airports in the region. The main airport is Tolmachevo International Airport.
  • The Novosibirsk Glavny railway station

Tourist attractions

  • Kirzinsky Reserve.  250 species of waterfowl, rare and endangered animals, reptiles, and amphibians are under protection. Here you can also find unique water bodies of various degrees of salinity, the largest of which is Lake Chany.
  • Lake Gorkoye is famous for its therapeutic mud and highly concentrated brine. The resources of the water body are used for treatment of many skin, urologic, and nervous diseases. There is a health and fitness center on the lake shore.
  • Barsukovskaya Cave is located on the bank of the Ukrop River near the village of Barsukovo. It is a unique winter quarters for the largest bat colony throughout Western Siberia. Here you can find five species of these small animals, and all of them are listed in the Red Book. The cave is around 200 meters long and 19 meters deep.

The capital is the city of Novosibirsk. It is the third most populous city in Russia. It is the largest trade, business, cultural, transport, educational and scientific center in Siberia. It is often called the capital of Siberia. The city was founded in 1893.


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The Novosibirsk Academic Town (founded in 1957) has brought Novosibirsk world-wide fame. Dozens of research institutes are located here. Every year it holds dozens of traditional festivals and forums, including international ones.

movie theaters
  • Zoo, oceanarium
  • Plenty of modern sports facilities

Universities in the Novosibirsk Region

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