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Geography. The Kemerovo Region is located in the southeast of Western Siberia, in the basin of the Tom River. The area of the region is 95,725 km². It stretches for almost 500 km from north to south and for 300 km from west to east.

The Kemerovo Region is partially located on the Altai and Sayan offshoots, so the great altitude difference determines the diversity of environmental conditions. The region’s territory is divided into plains (the north of the region), piedmont and mountainous areas (Kuznetsk Alatau, Salair Ridge, Gornaya Shoriya), and the intermountain Kuznetslk Basin.

The climate is continental, with cold and long winters and warm and short summers.

Average temperature

  • -17… -20°С in January
  • 17…+18°С in July


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Economy. The well-developed industries are coal and mining industries, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and heat power engineering.

Logistics. The Kemerovo Region has a vast network of bus terminals and bus stations. The northern part of the region and the city of Kemerovo are crossed by the Siberia federal highway (Р255).

  • There are international airports in Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk
  • The main railway stations are Kemerovo-Passazhirskaya and Novokuznetsk.

Tourist attractions

  • Tomskaya Pisanitsa Reserve Museum is located around a group of cliffs: they are covered in paintings dating back to the Stone and Bronze Ages.
  • The Azas cave is ranked among the seven wonders of Kuzbass and is a part of the hydrosystem. The length of tunnels and passageways accessible for tourists is more than 120 meters. The cave is directly related to the yeti search: legend says that a big hairy creature hiding at once at someone’s approach was repeatedly seen here.
  • The Sheregesh ski resort is located near the same-name settlement. Fifteen ski tracks of different difficulty levels are located on Mount Zelenaya. There are hotels, chalets, stores, cafés, and other places for numerous tourists in the foothills of the mount.

The capital is the city of Kemerovo, founded in 1701.


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The region boasts 126 cultural heritage sites, including four sites of national importance, are landmarks of architecture and urban planning, monumental art, history and archeology.

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