Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University

Novgorod Region
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students, including 1,300 international students from 59 countries
Doctors and Candidates of Sciences
fields of study

The university trains specialists in the following areas of knowledge: engineering and technology, natural sciences, humanities, medicine, law, economics, pedagogy.

NovSU participates in the Priority 2030 program with the projects "Intelligent Electronics" and "University as a Cultural Identity Generator."

The university comprises

  • Innovative Science and Technology Center "Intelligent Electronics-Valdai"
  • Novgorod Technical School
  • Advanced engineering school
  • 18 student brigades
  • 24 volunteer associations
  • 18 sports clubs
  • 9 creative studios
  • 5 language centers
  • 4 recreation camps

Why international applicants choose NovSU

  • Dynamically developing university
  • Fields of study/majors with unique educational programs
  • Convenient geographical location with an opportunity to visit two capitals – Moscow and Saint Petersburg
  • A wide range of fields of study
  • Modern technical facilities
  • Strong academic community
  • Eventful student life
  • Broad geography of international students


NovSU has the adaptation system.

The adapter is a senior student helping yesterday's applicants seamlessly blend into the student environment. The adapter familiarizes the first-year student with the university structure, helps them solve their problems and tells them about the opportunities offered by
the university.

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