Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University

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international students from 59 countries
Doctors and Candidates of Sciences
fields of study

The university trains specialists in the following areas of knowledge: engineering and technology , natural sciences, humanities, medicine, law, economics, pedagogy.

NovSU participates in the Priority 2030 program with the projects "Intelligent Electronics" and "University as a Cultural Identity Generator".

The university comprises:

  • Innovative Science and Technology Center "Intelligent Electronics-Valdai"
  • Novgorod Technical School
  • Advanced engineering school
  • 18 student brigades
  • 24 volunteer associations
  • 18 sports clubs
  • 9 creative studios
  • 5 language centers
  • 4 recreation camps

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Telegram – @news_novsu
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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor's programs 75,850 – 205,000 RUB
Specialist's programs 205,000 – 245,000 RUB
Master's programs 86,100 – 205,000 RUB
PhD programs 191,000 RUB
Residency programs 200,000 RUB

How to become a NovSU applicant

Applicants attach the following documents to their application for admission to NovSU:

  • a document proving their identity and citizenship (copy of passport pages with the photo and registration)
  • an academic credential
  • documents confirming the applicant's individual achievements the results of which are taken into account (these documents are submitted at the applicant's discretion)
  • a corresponding document (if the last name/name/patronymic was changed, if the last name/name/patronymic specified in the academic credential does not correspond to those specified in the identity document)
  • documents confirming the special right (if any)

If the academic credential and identity document are in a foreign language, you must submit:

  • a notarized translation of these documents into Russian (including the foreign education recognition certificate, except where recognition of foreign education is not required in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) international agreement)

Enrollment campaign

2,100+ state-funded places for admission to NovSU in 2023

  • Every three months the university representatives hold entrance exams and give admission consultations in the CIS countries
  • Foreign citizens may submit their documents and take entrance exams online

Admission Office

+7 8162 33-20-44
Anatoliy Permyakov
Executive Secretary
Yulia Ignatenko
Head of the Admission Management Department

Preparatory courses

You can prepare for your written exams at our university. These courses will offer you in-depth study of major subjects, allow you to organize your school knowledge, improve your average score and prepare for studies.
Classes can be conducted online.
Tuition fee 100,000 RUB per year

+7 8162 33-20-40

Natalya Daneykina, Head of the Recruiting and International Students Office. Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication

Choosing a future profession, follow your heart. Don't chase prestige and the desire to get rich quickly. Choose the way that will allow you to deal with the challenges you are interested in and will make you an out-and-out professional.

Career guidance for applicants abroad

The university representatives give admission consultations in applicants' countries of residence and hold online/offline meetings. The specialists, including the staff members of the university's Admission Office with many years of career guidance experience, help applicants make up their mind about their inclinations and interests to choose a future career.

  • Registration of applicants and their parents
  • Participants follow the Telegram channel to better familiarize themselves with NovSU, are informed about all the university news and events, view the university video presentations on the web portal and YouTube channel

We provide applicants with the consistent information on:

  • professions and fields of study/majors
  • a seamless development and personal growth path
  • guaranteed employment

At the meetings, the university provides exhaustive information on the majors pursued at the university, training conditions and admission requirements. Interested students are provided with a booklet with detailed information on majors and admission requirements and invited to take part in Doors Open Days.

Why international applicants choose NovSU

  • Dynamically developing university
  • Fields of study/majors with unique educational programs
  • Convenient geographical location with an opportunity to visit two capitals – Moscow and Saint Petersburg
  • A wide range of fields of study
  • Modern technical facilities
  • Strong academic community
  • Eventful student life
  • Broad geography of international students


NovSU has the adaptation system.

The adapter is a senior student helping yesterday's applicants seamlessly blend into the student environment. The adapter familiarizes the first-year student with the university structure, helps them solve their problems and tells them about the opportunities offered by the university.

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