Why Study At Russian Universities

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  • Russian universities and teachers take a unique approach to teaching
  • Students come to Russia to get high-quality and sometimes more affordable education. Many of them even manage to earn a degree for free. Every year state-funded places for foreign citizens are allocated – 23,000 were allocated in 2022. Within the government quota they can enter more than 450 state Russian universities. For this purpose (in some cases), they must pass required exams*. At regional universities the competition is low, and the minimum score is sufficient for admission
  • The citizens of the country often underestimate the place they live in. To foreigners, Russia seems a territory with unique nature, architecture and a combination of two cultures – Asian and European. History lovers and erudite people will not remain indifferent. Citizens of Mongolia, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Serbia show special respect to Russia. The degree earned in our country is highly valued in students' home countries. A prestigious degree is a key to career success. Many people like the Russian mentality: sociability, hospitality, warm-heartedness, sincerity. This is especially attractive to people living in Asia
  • Solid academic background provides the opportunity for personal development both in profession and research
  • Foreigners are attracted by strong financial support during their studies: scholarships and bonuses for academic excellence and active efforts. Besides, those proving themselves during the semester are awarded various prizes such as tourist trips, movie or theater tickets

The content has been prepared by the specialists from Banzarov Buryat State University

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