Samara State Medical University

Samara Region
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SamSMU is a modern university with a century-long history, one of the largest and the most reputable universities in Russia. It implements the concept of medical technological university. It is the winner of the federal program “Priority 2030” in the Territorial and (or) Sectoral Leadership track.

SamSMU trains highly competitive medical and pharmaceutical personnel, develops science, develops and introduces innovative technologies, products and services in the technology-intensive sector of the digital economy “IT Medicine.”

Today, there are more than 8,000 students, residents, and PhD students studying at the university and more than 15,000 specialists taking advanced training courses here.


  • 8 educational institutes
  • 72 departments
  • Institute of Innovative Development
  • Institute of Digital Development
  • 4 research institutes
  • 3 international research and education centers
  • 3 research and education centers
  • Center of National Technology Initiative (NTI) “Bionic Engineering in Medicine”
  • 1 research and practical center
  • 3 educational and research laboratories
  • Advanced Medical Engineering School
  • Engineering center
  • Large-Scale Manufacturing Center
  • Federal Accreditation Center
  • Multidisciplinary university clinics
Address and contacts
443099, Россия, Приволжский ФО, Самарская область, Самара, улица Чапаевская, 89
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