Best Educational Programs: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY


Department of Applied Geophysics

Specialist’s program


TURENKO, Sergei Konstantinovich

Head of the Department


Teaching staff. Training is provided by 30 teachers including nine Doctors of Sciences, 13 Candidates of Sciences. The department staff include top-class specialists, the alumni of the department of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and the alumni of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (Tyumen Industrial Institute). Many teachers were directly involved in the opening of the West Siberian oil and gas complex, most of them have govern­ment awards.

Industrial University of Tyumen offers some other best educational programs in the field of Geology, Minerals Exploration and Mining:

APPLIED GEOLOGY - Specialist’s program

OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING - Bachelor's programMaster's program

University partners within the educational program. The oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, NK Rosneft, LUKOIL-West Siberia; the Siberian Research and Analysis Center, the West Siberian Geological Research and Analysis Center, the Research and Analysis Center for Rational Natural Resources Management of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, the Tyumenneftegaz research and development center, the Purgeofizika service geophysical company as well as international oil and gas companies: Schlumberger, Roxar, Landmark, CGG, Repsol, and others.

Alumni’s achievements. Ninety alumni have defended their Candidate’s dissertations, seven are Doctors of Sciences. Many alumni have made professional careers and hold responsible positions such as G.F. Kuznetsov, Director General of the Kogalymneftegeofizika geophysical company; A.I. Kostin, Deputy Executive Director of the Geotron geophysical company; T.I. Korableva, a chief geologist at the Severgazgeofizika geophysical company; A.N. Shokha, a chief geologist at the Yamalpromgeofizika geophysical company; G.A. Bystritskii, Director General of the Yamalgeofizika geophysical company; R.O. Zaripov, Director General of the Purgeofizika service geophysical company; V.P. Igoshkin, Director General of the GeoSeis service company; N.H. Gazeev, Advisor to Prime Minister of Tatarstan, and others.

Facilities and resources. The department has specialized learning laboratories for computerized processing of geology and geophysics data, which allows students to use new training forms, methods and aids. The Industrial University of Tyumen has all required facilities and resources providing an excellent learning environment. Non-resident students are accommodated in a comfortable dormitory.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake educational internships, work placement and pregraduation internships at all leading geophysical enterprises of West Siberia.

Students participate in scientific and technical conferences and creativity competitions, in the work of the Student Academy of Sciences of Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Production of the Industrial University of Tyumen. Students successfully participate in the university olympiads and in international and all-Russian conferences in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and others. Over the past years more than 20 reports have been presented. Six of them won prizes. About 70% of students combine their studies with work at various organizations of Tyumen within their degree field.

Employment prospects. Mining engineer/geophysicist, mining engineer/geologist.