Best Educational Programs: MATHEMATICS


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Bachelor’s programme


MAMIY, Daud Kazbekovich



HEI’s image. Adyghe State University is the only educational institution in the Republic of Adyghea, which trains specialists in the given area. The Faculty takes leading positions inthe region in the sphere of mathematics, mathematical education and IT and forms public attitude to mathematics and its applied fields as to an essential and integral part of human culture.

Programme presentation. Education and training of future Bachelors are carried out in modern laboratories of computer graphics, information systems administration, Internet-technologies, mathematical modelling and IT in education. Classes within the programmes of Cisco are conducted in a classroom equipped with Cisco network facilities. The syllabi are updated annually. Active work is performed with gifted children and projects are implemented involving foreign teachers and researchers from Italy, Sweden, etc. In 2010, the Programme was recognized as one of the best educational programmes of Russia.

Teaching staff. The teachers of the Faculty have twice won grants of the fund “Dynasty” in the nomination “Mentor of Future Researchers”. There are teachers who are certified by Cisco Academy. Professors from leading universities of Russia, Austria and Italy are invited.

Competitiveness of students. Students successfully participate in research and educational projects, Olympiads, contests and volunteer programmes. They participated in the Super Final of the Open International Student Olympiad in Ariel (Israel) twice, and were awarded bronze medals and diplomas. Students were also awarded a bronze medal in the International Team Internet-Olympiad in Mathematics in Israel. The third degree diploma was awarded three times in the regional student Olympiads for the Russian HEIs in programming. For 7 years, the student team has been in the TOP of the best teams of the countries of the former Soviet Union in programming. Every year students become holders of grants of the RF President, the Government of the Republic of Adyghe and state scholarships.

Interaction with employers. The Republican School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of Adyghe State University and the Republican Centre for Distant Education, have been established in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic ofAdyghea. The summer mathematical school of Adyghea has been conducted for 20years.