Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


ESAULKO, Alexander Nikolaevich

Dean of the Faculty


Programme presentation. The aim of education in this area is to train highly qualified personnel in the field of land use and cadastres through the formation of general cultural and professional competencies as well as through the development of personal qualities which allow implementing these competencies in professional activity.

Education and training of engineers for land and city cadastres has been carried out at the University since 2001; since then over 1,000 students have obtained their degrees. Material and technical facilities include the following laboratories: “Laboratory of Automated Land and Cadastral Systems”, “Laboratory “Mini-Rosreestr”, “Laboratory of Geoinformatics and Electronic Mapping”, “Laboratory of Automated Design Systems in Land Management” and “Laboratory of Soil Fertility Monitoring”, “Agrochemical anal-yses”. In 2014, the basic educational programme “Land Management and Cadastres” underwent professional-public accreditation by the National Centre for Public Accreditation and state accreditation.

Teaching staff. At the Faculty, there are 74 members of teaching staff (42 Candidates of Sciences, 25 Doctors of Sciences). 91% of staff members have academic degrees and titles, 24% are practitioners. Teachers annually participate in various conferences, read lectures in other HEIs and undergo internships at profile enterprises.

Competitiveness of students. Almost all students are involved in research activity. Many of them are winners and prize winners of international, national and regional contests, including the contests for best research work among students, postgraduates and young researchers of the HEIs of the Ministry of Agriculture in the nomination “Land Sciences” and U.M.N.I.K programmes. The best students obtain personal grants of the RF President and Government, V. Potanin Charity Fund, the Governor of the Stavropol Region and the Head of the City of Stavropol.

Interaction with employers. Annually the main educational programme passes the procedure of the approval with the major profile organizations and enterprises, “Rosreestr”, “Federal Cadastre Chamber”. The contractual relationship involves joint participation in the development of curricula and syllabi, conducting lectures and classes as well as in holding conferences, roundtable discussions and excursions. Placement of students for work experience and internships and professional development are available, additional educational services are provided.