Biotechnology in Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin

Bachelor’s program


Veterinary Biotechnology major


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biology
Department of Immunology and Biotechnology

Davud Devrishov, Program Director
+7 (495) 377-54-59


Accreditation. The study program successfully underwent state accreditation. The professional-public accreditation certificate was obtained from the Agroindustrial Union of Russia in 2021.

Awards and achievements. The department’s scientists received ten medals from the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for their scientific developments. In recent years, the educational program has been ranked among the best innovation programs of Russia. Students are prize-winners of the GenHack hackathon of the Kurchatov Genomic Center for Bioinformatics Analysis, the All-Russian contest “Best in Profession.”

Admission requirements. International applicants who do not speak Russian must complete pre-university training related to the chosen major.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by 42 teachers, including the RAS Academician, the RAS Corresponding Member, the RAS Professor, 14 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, and 28 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. Among the teachers are laureates of the Russian Government Award, Honored Veterinary Doctor of the Russian Federation. The leading specialists in biotechnology developments and manufacturing of immunobiological medicinal products are engaged in the teaching process. There is a specialized department established at Shchelkovsky Biofactory, one of Russia’s biological industry leaders.

Education. Practice-oriented training and project-based learning, participation in Olympiads, contests and conferences, a combination of offline studies with students’ independent work on online platforms. Students can pursue part-time studies. The language of instruction is Russian. Gaming, project and research methods of teaching. Individual learning paths, academic mobility, internships abroad.

Scholarships and grants. International students admitted within the quota get monthly scholarships throughout the entire period of study. They can be also eligible for personal scholarships from the university, municipal scholarships, the Russian Government grants.

Competitive advantages. The program develops competencies in the development and industrial manufacturing of biological products for veterinary and medical use, the development of methods and biological agents for increasing the effectiveness of agriculture,
industrial processing and storage of agricultural products by way of microbiological synthesis, biocatalysis, genetic engineering and nanobiotechnologies.

Employers and employment. 99% of graduates are employed. The academy’s cooperation with major enterprises such as the Russian State Center for Animal Feed and Drug Standardization and Quality, Shchelkovsky Biofactory, A. I. Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of the FMBA of Russia, and others creates the opportunities for students to gain employment in their degree field, improve their professional skills in production, participate in real projects and developments.