On the Way to the Future

Orel State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin is one of the acknowledged leaders of the industry-based education of Russia.


Tatyana I. GulIaeva, Rector of Orel State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

Status and achievements

Today’s Orel State Agrarian University (Orel SAU) is a large, fast-developing academic organization and a cultural center of the region.

The teaching staff of the University comprises members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, nationally recognized educators, scientists, agricultural workers, economists, distinguished workers of higher professional education, agriculture, science and technology, national youth policy makers, holding honorary titles for their professional achievements. Eighty-five percent of the teaching staff are academic degree holders, the average age is 42 years old.

Since 2011 Orel SAU has been a member of Visegrad University Association, a union of agrarian and natural science universities of Eastern Europe. In 2015 Orel State Agrarian University was the first among the agricultural universities to join the Eurasian University Association. EUA unites more than 130 universities of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Orel SAU is a co-founder and an active member of the Association of Agrarian Universities of the Central Federal District of Russia. The University supervises the scientific activity of the Association.

In 2007 Orel State Agrarian University became a winner of the competition of the innovative educational programs within the National Priority Project Education, in 2012 the University received the Best Innovative University Award at the competition “100 Best Universities of Russia.” In 2014 it took the 1st place among the universities of the Orel region and the 4th place among the agrarian universities of Russia in the National University Rating according to Interfax Information Services Group.

In 2015 the University was awarded with the honorary title “High Quality Standard” by the foundation of the All-Russian Prize “National Quality Mark.”

According to the ranking of Russia’s most in-demand universities in 2016 (compiled within the “Social Navigator” project by the Russia Today media group) the University takes the 6th place among the agricultural universities of the country. According to this ranking, 100% of the graduates get job placement, the proportion of proceeds from intellectual products commercialization is 13.9%.

Based on results of the universities performance monitoring held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Orel SAU took the 7th place among 54 agricultural universities in 2016, and become one of the leading universities of Russia.

Educational activities

Orel State Agrarian University is housed in 18 academic buildings and laboratory facilities. There is a large beautiful park with valuable species of trees and bushes on the premises of the main building. The University has five dormitories with a housing capacity of 1305 students, three gyms and a sports ground equipped with modern exercise machines.

The University offers 13 Bachelor’s degree programs, one Specialist’s degree program, 11 Master’s degree programs, nine academic staff training programs of post-graduate study, two doctoral programs, eight programs for mid-career professionals, 28 further education programs, 12 professional retraining programs, 15 vocational education programs.

The Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education and the National Centre for Public Accreditation in the framework of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia recognized Orel State Agrarian University to be a leader in the following educational programs: Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Agrochemistry and Agricultural Soil Science, Zootechnology, Food Products of Animal Origin, Economics, and Veterinary Science.

The University consists of four faculties (the Faculty of Agricultural Business and Ecology, the Faculty of Bio-Technology and Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Agricultural Machinery and Power Supply, the Faculty of Economics), the Engineering Construction Institute, the Institute of Continuing Professional Education, the Multidisciplinary College, a scientific library, an IT support center, distance learning laboratories, and a veterinary diagnostic center. The University has study rooms equipped with Russian and foreign-made technologically advanced agricultural machinery.

Orel SAU collaborates with business entities that help to provide the educational process with modern equipment. The University receives machinery and equipment for keeping in safe custody with a possibility to use them for educational purposes. The Electrical Equipment and Networks Testing Site has been created for training specialists in power supply. A simulated meat plant has been purchased and assembled; it is successfully used in the educational process of the program “Food Products of Animal Origin.” The Biotechnology and Molecular Examination Lab features the latest equipment for microbiological analysis.

Education and science integration

The research infrastructure of the University includes five multiuser centers, each dedicated to a particular field of activity; the Russia’s only nationwide research institute for social development of rural areas; four departments of the leading field-specific research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, seven small innovative enterprises. There are two dissertations councils specializing in Economics and Management of National Economy; Geoponics and Plant Science; Selection and Seed Breeding of Agricultural Plants.

The one-of-a-kind Innovational Research Testing Center featuring six laboratories assures a high level of biochemical, immunological, molecular genetic, cytogenetic, cytological, histological and other testing. The laboratory equipment makes it possible to perform an effective health diagnostics of animals, and to control the feeding quality and the quality of livestock products.

Research work is carried out in several perspectives of the scientific and technical development of the agricultural industry of Russia. It comprises the implementation of such projects as development of agricultural plant varieties with an advanced photosynthesis activity; development of methods for detection of genetically engineered transformations in agricultural products and their influence on product properties and quality; creation of feed additives and technology of biological protection of plants; development of organic bioactive food products for health-promoting and functional use; application of biotechnological methods in microclonal propagation of potatoes; research into improvement of qualitative composition and safety of meat and dairy products; and many others.

In 2001 the University established the Academic Organization—Orel State Agrarian University Associ­ation, which united the leading research institutions: the All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops, the All-Russia Research Institute for Horticultural Plant Breeding, Shatilovo Agricultural Experiment Station, the Orlovskoe Polesie National Park, and others. Time has proved this decision was right. Now the alliance of educational organizations with field-specific research institutes is considered to be one of the ways of agricultural education development in the region.

The University traditionally holds big scientific events of the international and national status. Participants of such events include not only the leading Russian and foreign scientists, but also representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the governor of the Orel region, heads of the leading agrarian enterprises and processing plants, and entrepreneurs.

The students’ research works receive high grades at the competitions and olympiads of the regional, federal and international levels.

The University makes a considerable contribution to the innovative development of the region. In the 2015/16 academic year alone, it received 42 patents for invention, and was awarded with two large grants: in the contest of scientific projects significant for the agricultural sector of Russia, held by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; and in the grant contest of the Russian Science Foundation within the project “Independent Research by Young Scientists” of the presidential program of research projects.

Within the regional project aimed at development of dairy cattle breeding a reference and analysis center for the monitoring and quality control of milk and dairy products has been established and is successfully functioning at Orel State Agrarian University.

International activities

Cooperation with the leading foreign universities, participation in international programs and grant projects, practical training of educators, students and post-graduate students abroad are an integral part of the Orel SAU activities.

The membership in Visegrad University Assosiation (VUA) allows the University to participate in many international activities, including events held by FAO and UNESCO. The Association offers such opportunities as:

  • International Visegrad Summer Schools for bachelor, master and post-graduate students;
  • publication of Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, an international scientific journal hosted on the Index Copernicus and DeGruyter platforms, as well as publication of monographs and study manuals;
  • organization of international symposiums, seminars and conferences.

The VUA Youth project is one of the promising areas of cooperation. This project helps students of the member universities directly benefit from the wide international links established between the Eastern European universities. VUA Youth is aimed at initiating, creating and delivering various scientific, educational and cultural events.

Orel State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin is a territory of great opportunities. It offers traditions multiplied by search, initiative and innovations. The University is open to cooperation with Russian and foreign partners who are focused on improvement in education quality, efficiency of scientific work, and enhancement of the business communication sphere.

Established in 1975

Student body – 5,730

69, General Rodin Street, Orel, 302019, Russia

Phone/fax: +7 486 276-41-01