Social Work in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program


Majors: Management in Social Work (Bachelor’s program), Management and Design in Social Work (Master’s program)


Institute of Economics and Management, Department of Digital Business Technologies and Accounting Systems


Elena Zritneva, Head of the Department
+7 (8652) 33-06-63


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Awards and achievements. The department teachers are among the organizers of the All-Russian Student Olympiad “I am a Professional” and the regional stage of the National Professional Skills Championship for People with Disabilities “Abilympics.” Students are
winners and prize-winners of the annual scholarship competition held by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. They are holders of the Mashuk Youth Forum grant. The department implemented the following projects: “Social Cohesion of the Society in the Context of the
North-Caucasus Region Problems” (2012-2014); the Russian-American project “Student Internship Exchange for the Benefit of Children at Risk” (2015-2016); the Russian-American project “Prophylaxis Bridges” (2017-2018), the RFBR grant “Social Entrepreneurship:
Financing, Taxation, Socio-cultural Effect” (2018-2021).

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 14 teachers. Over 95% hold academic degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. NCFU has all required facilities and resources for training, including the specialized department of practical social work at the Territorial Center for Social Service for the Elderly and Disabled.

Education. Training is provided offline and online using distance learning technologies.

Research. Life quality and social service quality evaluation monitoring.

Competitive advantages. The programs create opportunities for training highly qualified personnel sought after at different levels of the state social policy implementation. Master students pursuing extramural studies can earn two degrees from Belarusian State University and NCFU. NCFU delivers the bilingual Master’s program in Economics, Law, Management in Social Work taught in Russian and English.

Employers and employment. Graduates are in demand as heads of social service organizations, medical and social assessment institutions, cultural centers, medical and social assessment specialists, family social workers, social rehabilitation specialists. The major employers are the Stavropol Territory Government, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the ST and its subordinate organizations and institutions, socially oriented non-commercial organizations.