Social Work in Ural State Medical University

Bachelor’s program

Faculty of Psychology and Social Work and Nursing Education






Natalia L. SHKINDER,

Program Supervisor

Tel. + 7 343 214-86-75


Achievements. A high level of students’ competence was confirmed during independent evaluation of the quality of students’ knowledge carried out by the Informexpertise Independent Non-Profit Organizationby order ofthe Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 2019. The faculty published the collection of graduates' papers Social Work and Medical Sociology in the System of Public Healthcare.

Teaching staff. Over 90% of teachers have academic degrees, titles and wide practical experience in the field of social protection.

The program is implemented by 3 Doctors of Sciences and 11 Candidates of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. The faculty applies E-learning tools and distance education technologies, synchronous and/or asynchronous E-learning technologies: in addition to their classroom studies during exams, students take classes in the virtual campus between exams. A specialized computer classroom is equipped with 15 laptops for students and a teacher, a flipbox (multifunctional display) and an overhead projector. Every student is authorized to use E-learning resources of the Social Work program.

Research. The teachers participate in international congresses and conferences, study current issues in history and theory of social and medical social work, issues of standardization and quality evaluation of social services in the Sverdlovsk Region, organize advanced training courses (inclusive education, communication skills, IT).

Education. The university implements the blended learning model based on combined use of conventional pedagogical methods and distance education technologies. The study of academic disciplines is supported and deepened with author's video lectures recorded by leading university teachers and placed in the electronic information educational environment of the university.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, the Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital for War Veterans, the BONUM multidisciplinary clinical medical center (Yekaterinburg), integrated social service centers, etc.

Competitive advantages. Social care professions are professions of the future. Graduates deliver medical and social care to vulnerable people; provide psychosocial consulting services; work with different types of patients; take part in developing medical and social projects and quality evaluation of medical and social services.

Graduates can continue their studies by pursuing a Master's degree in Public Healthcare.