Technosphere Safety in Volga State University of Technology


Volga State University of Technology

Department of Emergency Management, Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture


SMOTRIN Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2018.

Students write research papers which often win prizes in regional and all-Russian contests. Graduates of the department include numerous winners and prize winners of all-Russian and regional olympiads in health and safety, all-Russian contests of graduation projects. The department established the student fire and rescue team which is a regional branch of the all-Russian non-governmental youth organization "All-Russian Student Corps of Rescuers" (RSCR). The team body is made up of students of the Department of Health and Safety. The knowledge and skills developed by A.V. Khaziev, the rescue team coach, Associate Professor of the department, allowed students to honorably represent the university. In 2013 the students earned two victories in the contests of regional branches of RSCR in Yelets and in the X Open Championship of the Moscow city branch of RSCR.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders rate is 75%. The teaching staff includes nine Candidates of Sciences. Current employees of regulatory authorities, representatives of the real sector of economy are also engaged in the implementation of the educational program.

Facilities and resources. The educational process is implemented in lecture halls with multimedia equipment, learning and research laboratories, self-access centers, computer classrooms, etc.

Research. The department's research interests include assurance of electric and fire safety of process equipment, improvement of fire and accident risk evaluation methods, environmental safety.

Education. State-of-the-art educational technologies used in the educational process include e-learning, various active and interactive teaching methods that improve the quality of education. Much attention is paid to extracurricular activities: there is a fire and rescue team whose members are frequent winners and prize winners of various all-Russian competitions.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Chief Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Mari El Republic, the Committee for Civil Defense and Population Protection of the Mari El Republic.

Competitive advantages. Graduates are in great demand on the labor market. The university boasts highly qualified teaching staff and well-developed facilities and resources. It uses state-of-the-art educational technologies and practice-oriented approach to training.