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Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Профиль Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Remote Sensing Systems
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Russian New University
Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Duration 4 years
Languages of instruction Russian

Accreditation. State accreditation.

Awards and achievements. The program was recognized as one of the best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2023. In 2023, the institute students showcased their achievements at the 24th International Conference “Civilization of Knowledge: Russian Realia” and took first place in the Scientific Approach contest held at RosNOU.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by four departments that employ highly qualified teachers, including Professors, Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. The teachers take an active part in grant activities. They also take advanced training courses every year. The representatives of the real sector of the economy in the appropriate field, such as programmers, IT specialists, and information systems developers, are also engaged in teaching.

Learning outcomes. Students learn how to develop computer software, debug and check functional capability and modification of software as well as to provide consulting services in this field.

Facilities and resources. The university’s electronic information educational environment provides unrestricted access to the curricula, steering documents for academic subjects (modules), internship curricula, electronic educational editions and electronic learning resources specified in the steering documents for academic subjects (modules) and internship curricula. When studying academic subjects (in particular, in interactive format), state-of-the-art information technologies and specialized software are used. All classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment such as personal computers (laptops), projectors, information stands, and study materials.

Research. The institute has five scientific schools studying current issues in mathematical modeling and computational mathematics, including the wave theory of catastrophes, mathematical and computer modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation, focusing and scattering in the tasks of telecommunication, positioning, radio communications, radiolocation, radio navigation as well as in remote sensing of natural and artificial environments. Research findings are introduced into the learning process on a regular basis. Educational materials are upgraded and additional topics for the curricula are developed based on these findings.

Competitive advantages. The institute trains multi-skilled specialists in information technologies and mathematical modeling for various regions of Russia. The practical training facilities are federal research institutes, multidisciplinary companies and organizations fitted with state-of-the-art computer and laboratory equipment. The university develops the continuing IT education system and delivers continuing professional education programs.

Career prospects and employment. The institute graduates work in different sectors of the economy at companies and organizations of different forms of incorporation as well as at scientific and design organizations.

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