Bioengineering Systems and Technologies in Industrial University of Tyumen



Department of Cybernetic Systems

Bachelor's program


BARANOV Vladimir Nikolaevich

Program Director


KUZIAKOV Oleg Nikolaevich

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. The applied Bachelor's program in Bioengineering Systems and Technologies (the Biotechnical and Medical Apparatuses and Systems major) was the winner of the contest of educational programs of  IUT in 2017.

The program was recognized and approved by the Academic and Methodological Commission of the Institute of Automation and Electronic Instrumentation of Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev in 2017.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders rate is 71.4%. The teaching staff includes six Professors, five Doctors of Sciences, 20 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences. The employees of the Federal Center of Neurosurgery of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation (Tyumen) and the TyumenCardiologyResearchCenter of the RussianAcademy of Sciences are invited to join the teaching staff.

Facilities and resources. There are eight laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, two simulation laboratories using controllers, computers with uploaded specialized software, a number of computer classrooms and lecture halls with multimedia equipment.

There is state-of-the-art PHILIPS MX 8000 DUAL computer tomograph. The laboratory of biomedical analytical equipment is equipped with ELVIS II training station and hands-on workshop "Methods of measurement and digital processing of biomedical signals" of the National Instruments company (USA).

Research. The main research areas include the following: photonics, instrument engineering, optical and bioengineering systems and technologies; development of laser and magnetotherapy devices for reflexotherapy; health protection of students of an engineering and technical university; the Tyumen regional research project “Region of Health.”

Education. The teachers use project and project-modular teaching methods; the innovative evaluation system "Portfolio;" game, information and communication, person-centered, computer educational technologies; professional activity modeling; reflexion and improvisation.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Federal Center of Neurosurgery of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation (Tyumen), the Tyumen Cardiology Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Multidisciplinary Clinical Medical Center "Medical City," EDS Group, the Medintell merchant company, the Alphapolymed medical equipment supplier, the medical and sanitary unit "Neftyanik," Regional Clinical Hospital №1, Regional Clinical Hospital №2; National Instruments (USA).

International projects and programs. The university participates in the international project on reforming engineering education "CDIO Initiative" (Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate) and in the educational program of National Instruments (USA).

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